Post # 107 Xinle

Day 121 610 days to do. Distance: today 94km total 7746km.

It’s 7.30pm Friday 30/3/2012 Xinle. Have I told you lately just how much my Rube rocks my socks. We kicked bottoms today and we¡¯re celebrating by sharing a room with a flatscreen and watching the China National Basketball final. I’ve cleaned all her bits and mine and even shaved my spidey legs and pits wow!! Last night I was woken by the wind howling and unfortunately that’s what we had to peddle against today eeeeeow!! But I’m really proud of us both. We put our heads down, borke up the kms into mentally manageable kms and chipped through it yay us. We averaged just over 15km/hr so unfortunately not fast enough to score a draft or two bugga. So it was all our doing today in tough conditions and we rock!! I¡¯m actually a bit deliriously tired tonight so please excuse my dribble. Very happy but!! My girl looks awesome resting up against the wall watching the basketball. She’s such a sporto.

 It’s kinda nice to have her in the room so we’re bonding. All that’s missing is the pizza. tofu noodles doesn’t really sound right does it? We peddled into Xinle about 4pm this arv and the first two hotels we checked did the we don’t take foreign diplomats thing. Third time however we struck gold. 90 yen ($15) and perfect. It’s tucked away back from the road traffic, everything works and she let me bring Rube into the room for safe keeping. I’ve done my washing for the last time before Beijing, cleaned the girl and even done a first shave of the legs and pits. It will take a few gos before they’re sheared to a respectable standard

Socially the highlight today was at a roadside stall where I stopped to buy a coke for some stimulant inspiration. The lady was so lovely and knew a small handful of English words. She was large and jolly and friendly and I took to her immediately. We both enjoyed some fun banter and jokes. Not bad to have such easy fun given the language and culture barriers but sometimes I think good natured mischief is universal what do you reckon?

Time for dinner and the basketball. Talk soon x

 PS A belated birthday wish to my very handsome nephew Ryan for the 27th

Happy birthday mate I hope you’re still celebrating in style. Maybe next year you can have a real beach party in Australia? Love ya!!

 PPS The Beijing Ducks  won the basketball by 3 points ¨C all very exciting!!

 Dear Ryan

 I sat out tonight

on my Asian squat chair

and searched for a shooting star.


I didn’t spot one

but still closed my eyes

and wished you a happy Birthday!!.


Love Aunty Ree

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One thought on “Post # 107 Xinle

  1. Dear Aunty Ree,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful poem.
    I had a great beach birthday party. Almost felt like i already was in Australia. 😀 Hope you are having a great trip through China and enjoying dicovering this interesting culture, language and lifestyle.
    All the best


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