Post # 108 Wangdu

Day 122 609 days to go. Distance: today 71km total 7817km.

It’s 6.30pm Saturday 31/3/2012 Wangdu. I had originally planned to go a bit further today but decided to get off the momentum wagon and have an earlier one. I can be a bit notorious that way once I get going. I can hear my family and friends going ‘Nooo!!! You think!!!!’ ūüôā So loving¬†rasberries¬†to you all¬†I’m listening to my body and will turn it down a notchover¬†the nex few days. This afternoon’s been great. I found a place to stay that has a computer and¬†done the emailing¬†I¬†needed to do now before Beijing. I even¬†snuck in a quick yahoo chat with my partner yay.¬†¬†Today’s been a bit of a sluggish day.

The headwind was there again and I just didn’t quite get into and over it. I did however spot a snickers bar at the petrol station we stopped at for our break and that was devoured with a coffee. Oh dear yum!!! I haven’t had chocolate since leaving home. Well actually that’s not true. My partner sent me Lindt¬†mint chocolate in my care package back in Hue. The fact that the entire block didn’t see midnight and I didn’t share any of it ūüėČ almost made me forget the loving gesture in the brief moment it lasted. Other than this I haven’t had chocolate since leaving home and it tasted dam dam fine!!!! The other highlight today was passing the 199km marker to Beijing. I am going to break that up over a few days as opposed to trying to do it all in one in my usual excessive style.

¬†Then again I’m riding around the world on my bicycle so you can’t really say I’m one for moderation ūüôā !!!! It’s been really lovely to touch base again with family over email. We won’t have too many more chances now before Beijing so today was good timing to be out of sorts¬†and on-line early yayaya. One thing I did really enjoy today was everything budding. I’ve mentioned it before but once started spring gathers such a momentum doesnt it? The road was lined with trees I’m not sure what the are, but the black branches were draped in strands of lime green buds all blowing in that crap headwind. It kinda looked quite beautiful ūüôā¬†

So¬†in a few days we’ll be in ‘protecting elephants’ or at least thats¬†what the Beijing Chinese characters look like to me. Tomorrow we head onto ‘hunters and gatherers’ or Boading¬†and through to the ‘three robots’ of Gaobeidian. I ate my snickers at ‘pusycat’s¬†wiskers’ otherwise known as Dingzhou¬†and Rube and I are overnighting¬†at ‘two men and a pole.’¬†As you can tell the names are not rocket science nor crowd pleasers. They are the¬†first thing that comes to mind. I say it out¬†loud and it sticks. Whatever works!!!! Until we meet again in three robots. Talk soon x

PS Never put me in charge of anything requiring code names – what a goose!! ūüôā¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†


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