Post # 135 Tsetserleg

Day 166 565 days to go. Distance: today: 141 km total 8862 km. It’s 10.30pm Monday 14/5/2012 Tetserleg. I woke early this morning to pack and be sure about my decision. The sunrise was beautiful and not a doubt in sight yay!! Tunga made me pancakes for breaky yum. They were just plain but the batter had butter and honey in it then cooked on her very hot ‘hot plate’ so it sort of crystalized around the crunchy edges so num. Tunga showed me their horses this morning. They have about 50 of them branded with 3 circles that mean water droplets. It’s amazing how they, like all other animals, just wonder in their herd around town and as Tunga says, take care of themselves. There is one new fowl in the herd with 5 more expected soon. Tunga said that they milk the horses and make airag which is a fermented milk drink very famous in Mongolia and served to guests. I haven’t had any served as yet which I’m kinda thankful as I don’t drink alcohol and don’t want to offend. By the sounds of things its made for summer when the mothers have fowls and milk. I arranged with Tunga and Amara to get a lift for the first 30km which is a brutal road. I wanted to get to Tetserleg by tonight to let the family know what’s happening. This asphalt junction is also where the Chuluut gorge is so I got to take some more pickies in the beautiful day. They got Amaras brother to drive me there and their littlest one came along for the bumpy ride. He loved it like a real Mongolian cowboy giggling every bump when he wasn’t chatting his uncles ear off. After about half hour he was exhausted and jumped in the back with Rube where they both had a power kip. It was a long haul 141km of mixed conditions but consistently beautiful countryside. It looked so different traveling the opposite direction and on a great day as opposed to sleeting 🙂 In some sections I got the best tail wind and was cruising at 40 km/hr. There were also lots of tricky range crossings the best being the one into Testserleg which was thick gravel, long switchbacks and steep. Being the end of the day my legs were pretty spent so I pushed my girl up the 2nd half which was character building and a bonding time for us both 🙂 The last 5kms was all downhill into town and a beeline to the guesthouse. I spoke to the manager sarah who can speak perfect english with an Australian accent as the owners are Australian. She was telling me how that mountain range has claimed so many driver’s lives no one speaks of it while they cross over. It’s like a local custom. The view in the late afternoon (evening 7.30pm) sun across the town to the monastery and rocky hill behind was great and a different perspective then being on top. Tonight’s been emailing family and a very hot shower and I’m about to saddle up to some noodles and bed yayyayayayaya. Rube and I had a fun day today !!!!!! Talk soon x

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