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Day 167 564 days to go. Distance: today: 0 km total 8862 km. It’s 10pm Tuesday 15/5/2012 Tetserleg. Hi there fine fine folk. I am soooo happy and excited knowing that in just over a week I’ll be home. What an incredibly cool thought to end the day with. It’s been a day of emailing and skyping and being comforted by emails from family and friends. I have found out from staff here that I can catch a bus back to UB and will book my ticket tomorrow morning leaving Thursday 8am arriving UB 5pm. I spoke with one of the staff here her name is Bayarmaa which means ‘happy princess’ and she is every bit her namesake. Bayermaa finishes work at 10am in the morning and has offered to come with me to the bus station to ensure I make the appropriate booking for Rube and I. How awesome is that!!!! Mum and Dad are liasoning with a local travel agent to arrange the flight booking from UB to Brisbane and all going well this should be finalized and paid for tomorrow. I’ll need the e-ticket to arrange the transit visa assuming I end up going with a Chinese carrier. I tried to upload the photos from the last days but the internet cafe was crammed with local folk so I’ll try again tomorrow otherwise I’ll do it UB so hold off a few more days 🙂 It’s worth the wait as the countryside west of here is very different and very stunning. I got an email from Luo Qianglong, the Chinese lad from Wuhan, who asked me to check his English grammar for an article he is writing. If he only knew how dodge his advisor is but I put my bestest English hat on and hopefully gave him some credible advice 🙂 My news of coming home for a deep breather has been met with such warmth and understanding. It just confirms how lucky I am to be blessed with family and friends so thank you x. The sunset this afternoon was showing off over Tsetserleg and I couldn’t miss the chance to snap a picky on what’s been a very cool day indeedy. I want to finish the post tonight with a handful of comments taken from emails I have received to share the incredible value of love and support. Talk soon x

‘I have been away and catching up on your blog tonight. To lose a true friend is never easy, they come into our lives, leave pawprints on our hearts and we are changed forever, may fond memories of Monty warm your heart always . I know your decision didn’t come easy, by following your heart you will always be happy and “home is the nicest word there is”.

‘I see that you’ve made the decision to come home for a bit… I just
wanted to check in and say how happy I was to read that you listen
without doubt to the messages from your heart… that is so important.
And I just know that your family will be so pleased to see your beaming self in the flesh. ‘

‘Your return to Australia is hugely welcomed by us all! We are so proud of everything you have achieved in your travels and very much look forward to many long chats over a cuppa about your experiences although I hope we can do it sitting down and not doing the Asian squat! It is fantastic that you feel so contented with your decision to know when it is enough. I remember you always said you were prepared to be flexible with your plans. Safe travel home. We have missed you.’

‘…when it’s clear in your heart and head….just do it! And you’ve done it! Respect! I love what’s in your heart, I feel this incredible adventure has brought me close to you and I love this time for that. I love what’s in your head…admiring this ability and drive during your travels to continue on to your destination whatever the conditions. But I’m sure your heart rules your head and I love that too. And we’re cycling home with you now to Oz and know when you get off that plane in Brisbane we’re cheering with them all to welcome you home. Safe travels

Darling, darling, darling………was looking for your spot not an email……..what a big day you have had traveling those 140kms Would like to wave a wand and have you home NOW. It’s all good for you to have decided to come home and it is very obvious that this decision has been only made after a lot of thought and listening to your heart. Ree, we’re very proud of your clear mind and content feeling of where you now want to be. What a journey you have taken us l all on…..and Ree darling for you it has been a journey of discovery not only for the experiences but for you personally as well……well done.’

‘That`s unexpected news but you`re following your heart and that`s a clear true voice. Feeling serene and content with the decision just reconfirms its rightness. There`s certainly no failure involved as the journey continues just as exhilarating and challenging as always – it`s only a new unexpected path you`ve chosen to take!!!! And we continue to share the ride be it Mongolia, Melany or wherever 🙂 Love you and safe traveling!!!’

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  1. Maree, Life is enriched when you have beautiful friends to fill your life. You are one of these such lovelies. Hope to catch up with you……..xxxooo

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