Post # 137 Tetserleg

Day 168 563 days to go. Distance: today: 0 km total 8862 km. It’s 11am Wed 16/5/2012 Tetserleg. The morning logistics have gone smoothly with my bus ticket, flight booked and now at the internet café uploading photos. The bus leaves 8am in the morning and I’m to be there at 7.30am ready to pack my girl safely on board. The folks were able to arrange through Sandgate flight centre a flight with Korean airlines from UB to Brisbane which is incredibly awesome. I should be able to book my luggage right through. There’s been a little to and fro with dept dates but all confirmed with the e-ticket printed in my hot little hands.

The baggage allowance is 20 kg so culling and posting essentials back home is on the list of to do’s to reduce the excess fee. Saying this I couldn’t have hoped for an easier route or logistics to get home so it’s all bloody good indeedy 🙂 No transit visa is required for Sth Korea so I don’t have to bother or allow time for consulates. It’s nice now uploading the photos and looking back over what’s been a huge few days seeing and feeling so much stuff. I want to go for a huge walk this afternoon to enjoy more of the most beautiful town in Mongolia. It’s a stunning day with the clearest of blues skies. Tonight I’ll potter with gear to be ready for the morn. Tetserleg has been a cool place to stop over but it’s now onto UB and home home home home. How good does that sound and feel bigtime big Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

In the words of my big sister kittie…..’I can feel a song coming on……. Climb every mountain, ford every seas………. ‘ Don’t you just love Sound of Music. Julie Andrews rocks climax socks but remember…… no whistling inside the house 🙂 Off to get some fresh air under my wings. Talk soon x

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One thought on “Post # 137 Tetserleg

  1. Oh Maree! my heart breaks for you that you have lost your little one like that! i have so looked forward to reading your posts and they ( and YOU) are truly inspiring and like a breath of fresh air! you are so brave to have undertaken the journey you have been on 🙂 and i think i have been living my dream of travelling through you a little 🙂 have a safe trip home to your family and friends, reconnect, rest and be very proud of all you have done! Safe travels to you and Rube!!! xoxox Vicki Cole

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