Post # 141 UB bonus post

Day 172 559 days to go. Distance: today: 0 km total 8862 km. It’s 12.30pm Sunday 20/5/2012 UB Bonus Post. I started our last day in UB with a great Skype with the folks over a Sunday morning coffee. Nice!! With the last of the hand luggage sorted, I headed out for the afternoon and thought I’d share it with you. Nothing big just mooching in between the Gandan Khid Buddhist monastery and The State Department Store, finishing up at the Internet cafe to download the last of the photos. I’m taking the lonely planet walking route and have come out at a mall and cinema. What’s Rihanna doing in the flick ‘Battleship’ looking very Angelina’ what else is
On at the UB movies?Avengers, nup nothing interesting and western prices at $15. What is coming out soon is the next batman movie cool!!!! Holding my partners hand at the movies……. Numy!!!! It’s a beautiful day with folk out enjoying a Sunday much like elsewhere in the world I suspect, and it’s nice to be amongst it.

It’s 2.30pm and I’m sitting in one of the monastery open areas. The Gandan Khid Buddhist monastery is a walled centre of temples and shrines across 4 open squares. Each area has a series of prayer wheels and lots and lots of mating pigeons. People are enjoying the relaxed free space. I’ve walked the areas and spin the wheels. I had one little girl come up and say hello and want a photo with me and her friends. I have lit the incense
I bought back on the 10/5 and found myself humming a local tune watching it burn. Then I realized the tune was the Garbage Truck Man melody!!! He was doing the neighborhood when I left and I’ve been humming it since 🙂 Ill finish up on that very serene note. Thanks for sharing the afternoon with me. Talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “Post # 141 UB bonus post

  1. Wow maree ..what a roller coaster ride you’ve experienced .it was great to read the last few posts retracing your steps.your an amazing women,not only have you touched our lives,your have touched every other person that you have ..eaten with ,cycled with ,chatted with ,laughed with,cried with,and squatted with..hahaa..I have loved the experience …sometimes we all have to stop and breathe and revaluate our paths in our life’s journey… just because your comming home for a bit ,I do expect the post to keep on comming,I don’t care what it is ….also I’ve been thinking of your I’m thinking of the signing of your book ,your signature is ok,then there was blue dog,I thought she could sign with her paw,and miss Jane could sign with ink on her eyebrows,cause she had an awesome mono brow…..I do hope they are having an awesome time in Mongolia …now for our georgous Ruby who has been there every cycle of the travels,I was wondering if she would put spoky dokeys on her wheels ,it would make an awesome signature……hahahahahahaaaaahhhaaaaa …love ya maree….mmmmwwwaaaaaaaah……..ohh you really came home for a descent haircut didn’t you……I’ve been noticing the MULLET

    1. It is a mullet and what a disgrace. I’m down there very soon to sort that one out but it’s really just a lagotaye excuse to see you ladies. Can’t wait xxxxxxx

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