Post # 142 Seoul

Day 173 558 days to go. Distance: today: 0 km total 8862 km. It’s 3.30pm Monday 21/5/2012 Seoul. In transit in a blissful la la land isn’t it. How often do you get to just ‘be’ in between places no thinking mostly because i have brain to think with 🙂 Its such a bazar space. This ones a particularly long one at 16hrs. But the airport is huge and I’m wondering across heaps to keep the butterflying in mischief. Right now I’m sitting opposite a string quartet playing classical music at one of the hall junctions. I’m floating on a few hours sleep so this music is entrancing. When we arrived at 4a, I wondered for a couple of hours and came across a quite lounge area near the staff lounge and prayer room so very tucked away yay. Perfectly passed out drooling all over the grape which makes the best pillow. I got myself up at midday and scored a flask of hot water from a staff member. I still have a handful of coffee sachets on board so it was one of the better tasting coffees happy happy. A gentleman’s singing ‘oh sol la meo’ which my poppy has sung or whistled about the house since I can remember. The ol’ fella turns 80 on the 29th only 8 sleeps mate!!! To be smack bang in the middle sharing this time and celebrations with you is sooooooooo yayayayayaya.

Since then I’ve been walking my trolly round the halls, squirting perfume, finding free wifi zones and generally mooching as you do in transit. I got off fine to the airport yesterday. WordPress was offline yesterday so I couldn’t upload the photos but I’ll sort that soon enough. PS SOONER THAN I THOUGHT I CAN DO IT ON ONE OF THE COMPUTERS IN THE FREE WIFI SECTION. BONUS!!!!

Rube got checked in all fine last night. She and the trailer were 23kg but they let us through without any charge. We posted 20kg from UB and I have 12kg hand luggage. With me ‘shecycleolo’ is 100kg worth of very happy girls heading home for a holiday. That’s a big yay big and the biggest even. And im not even joking my love!!!!! The flight was only a few hours. I started watching ‘War Horse’ but didn’t get to see the end so you’re not allowed to tell me what happens ok? lalalalalala. Not listening 🙂 I just remembered there was this fella travelling with his black Persian in a bag sitting next to him. It was soooooo cute. Right up until he have it tinned cat food. Again there’s something’s that are universal and the smell of cat food is another one!!!!

4.45pm and I’ve ended back at the wifi zone after scoring another flask of hot water from the staff lounge. One more caffeine hit will see out the next hours, through gate 26 and passed out in seat 31A. Next stop Brisbane 🙂 Talk soon x

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5 thoughts on “Post # 142 Seoul

  1. wow 16hours, 6hours in seoul was one of my worst.can we cart anything back to Peach. 33567282 Ron.

  2. isn’t coffee a wonderful thing…’s one of those “best things in life” things at the right moment. Can’t help but think of us three girls at Heathrow, all those years ago, with our milkshake size coffees to see us through that night! kisses XXx

    1. how funny is this – how often have i thought of that 24hrs with my sfessies in hethrow – yes soffee and sfessies what a perfect combination xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hello Maree, it’s filthy Phil Freeman, slack that it has taken me so long to log onto your blog. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time, wish I was riding my motor cycle beside you, cause I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to keep up on the pushy. Don’t look good in tights anyway. You need more nude shots to keep me tuning in……. Now I’ve seen how much fun you are having I will check it out regular. Philth

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