Post # 143 Brisbane

Day 179 552 days to go. Distance: today: 0 km total 8862 km. It’s 6.30pm Sunday 27/5/2012 Brisbane. I’ve just got off the phone after a 1 1/2 hour session with my big sister. Bliss!!!!! Being home is very very very very exceptionally good and then some (and lots lots more) indeedy. I think you get the general gist 🙂 There is no place like home!!!! No really……. I am soo happy. I have spent the last days laughing, crying, talking, laughing crying, talking, laughing, crying, talking… (deep breath)…. laughing, crying, talking and so on so beautiful. I’m loving every moment such a gift of bliss yummy num awesome cool big stuff big ever yayayayaya. Time to take a deep breath as I was looking a bit blue so great opportunity to send you a post and say hi. I am saturating myself in family time and enjoying my home with my partner and pooch. We’ve been doing lots of nothing much just being together and catching up on all the little and big things. I’ve met Lila my cousins’ baby who’s now three months. We went out last night for dad’s 80th birthday which isn’t until the 29th but we’ve been celebrating since Beijing with no signs of slowing up and why the hell not? I think being 80 gives you entitlement to celebrate how you like for as long as you please so you go for it poppy. It’s just great to be caught up in the celebrations. Last night we went to a tempinyaki bar. How cool and big fun. Dad loved it so perfect!!!! Good pick cousins xxx Today I finally unpacked Rube and put her bits back together. I’m obviously in a good space because it was easy enough to ignore the obscenities I got for leaving it soo long. Totally fair enough!!! The week seems now to have flown with not much thought given past enjoying every moment of each day. We’ve mooched about Maleny and Sandgate at our favourite coffee and fudge shops. I’m so in the right place and will be posting again soon with more detail. This is just a touch base. Talk soon x

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3 thoughts on “Post # 143 Brisbane

  1. Great photos mareeeeee…..I really liked the kissy kissy photo of ma and pa….HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kev…..mmmmwwwwwaaaaaahh

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