Post # 145 Sandgate

Day 1217 512 days to go. Distance: today: 0 km total 8862 km. It’s 12.20pm Friday 6/7/2012 Mum and Dad’s, Sandgate.

It’s been the most amazing weeks since touching down in Brisbane 22/5/2012. Some people spend their whole life looking for that place where meaning and purpose come together. It taken me 6 months cycling 8862km across Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Mongolia to have more of a clue about stuff so I think that’s a good start 🙂 A friend of mine said to me recently over a Doug’s Coffee, ‘Maree do you always have to do things the hard way? ….. Call me a slow learner but when it sticks it sticks and I get it. And I get the importance of family and friends and the strength of love. I have fallen in love with this appreciation and have enjoyed the joy of sharing this (Thankyou x).

I have had a chance to check out the photos and read the blogs and it’s been cool to digest this stuff. I still feel right there in the moments. That’s been one of the treasures of travelling as we have. It has given me a big fix of experience, humiliation, and resilience and reshaped my appreciation 101.     

Attached to this post is a bunch of photos that jumped out at as significant to share. I love the photo with me in front of the same graffiti when I arrived and left Ulaanbaatar. The woman who left felt very different from the woman who arrived.  I remember being on top of the volcano in Tariat and understanding the significant of silence to listen to the heart and make decisions based on her wisdom. I know it’s then the head’s job to make my choice happen. It was on the same day I knew to turn right and head home.

It’s been very cool for me to look back now and appreciate how time has taken me and Rubes on an awesome ride not to mention seeing very cool things along the way. Since being  home I have spent some time with my partner, burried Monty’s ashes, cuddled my pooch Honi, got to know my Cousins’ baby Lila, shared Dad’s 80th birthday celebrations, pampered my home and garden, hung out with my family and friends, welcomed my nephew Ryan to Australia for his gap year, and decided on the next road ahead. I love knowing each day’s a gift to share with those who count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an incredible place and space for Rube and I to begin our next challenge.  We will attempt to peddle 14500 km around Australia in 170 days from the 7/7/12 to 24/12/12, and with your help raise the DISTANCE IN DOLLARS and the DAYS IN OATHS for the White Ribbon Foundation. Actually it’s about 15875 km but this is including a red centre circuit from Alice Springs and Mother Nature will play a big part in how much she lets us peddle.

Each day I will feature a fella we meet in our travels – someone out there doing his unique thing and prepared to take the white ribbon oath.  I’m so looking forward to this part of the trip and sharing their stories with you.  Rube and I also want to thank you for any donations or fundraising you may be able to put together within your own networks leading up the 25/11/12. Every dollar is one step closer to the $14500 target!!!!! I promise Rube and I will do our part and peddle the k’s as part of Theaussiechallenge.

The last weeks have given us the chance to do the logistics and I need to thank a whole bunch of fine folk that have helped make this happen.

Firstly Kate Alexander, the marketing officer from White Ribbon has been awesome and sent us some great merchandise to support the cause.

John Middleton from Middleton printing has done up a very cool billboard for Rube’s trailer, all free of charge…very generous and much appreciated.

Ian Webster from Inform printing Ian rebound my Camp6 guide book into the individual states so I only have to carry the state Im travelling through as opposed to the whole (very heavy) bible yay 🙂 

Dave alley the Ambassador supporting Theaussiechallenge as the current world record holder and Qld police officer. Dave rode into Redcliffe on the 22/10/2011 after cycling around Australia in 37 days taking over 3 days off the previous record and raising $20,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Dave’s strength and character is recognized by the Courier Mail through nomination for the Community Spirit Medal in News Limited’s 2012 Pride of Australia Awards   

Tania Burstin the rep from ‘mycause’ who assisted in setting up the donation link on our blog

Kristy Muir the journalist from who is writing periodical articles to support Rube and I as part of since 1/12/2011.

And lastly but in no ways leastly (is that a word :-), my ‘cous Ruth Moody. Ruth has generously agreed to be our marketing contact which is sooo appreciated and lets Rube and I concentrate on the our first priority as always, ‘to get each other through the day safe and sound with everything else a huge bonus!!!!!’

SOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEEEEP BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time tomorrow we’ll be somewhere between Brisbane and the Pomona showgrounds. I so hope you enjoy sharing the next 170 days with us and our crazy shenanigans as the 15875kms unfold. I have my wedding band, St Christopher medal from Mum, Ruby’s Budha from Leslie, and a wrist pendant from Kris, to remind me how much I’m loved, loving and living the gift of life.

Rube’s so cheeky and I’m really looking forward to hanging out with her again. The timing’s perfect!! We both have a revived sense of adventure with a hint of healthy naughtiness. I have no idea what’s around the corner BUT how incredibly cool and exciting is that. It kinda gives me that ‘I’m not too sure but I love it’ rush in the pit of the belly and straight from the heart 🙂 Life’s so there to be loved and lived and shared to the max yay!!!!!!  

Talk soon x

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4 thoughts on “Post # 145 Sandgate

  1. Safe pedalling Re!!!!!!
    There`s a long road ahead for a very good cause.Will be there to cheer you home again in 6 months time XXXXOOOO

  2. Keep strong and safe and look after each other. We can’t wait to share the next 6 months with you both. XXx

  3. Omg the blog ..and especially the photos have brought tears to my eyes ..especially photos of nephew and family ..have fun and be careful just remember we’re all watching and feel every day with you mmmwwwaaaaah

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