Theaussiechallenge Post # 1 Take two tomorrow

Day 1 -169 days to go. Distance: 62 km total 62 km. It’s 4.20pm Saturday 7/7/2012 back in Sandgate. OK so a little hickup to start day 1 but nothing like a wee dose of reality to get the ‘roll with it’ punches going again 🙂 Rube and I got off to an awesome start with huge hugs from the resident Sandgate cheer squad. We then purred down the M1 to about Redcliffe then clunked to just before the BP Burpengary. Mmmmm Rube’s gear cables were very much out bugga and only just serviced double bugga. Then we ran over a metal ‘something’ and punctured her rear tyre tripple bugga. Oh dear…clunk clunk flap flap and not a good look for my girl who’s looking hot and rightly so!!! We had a roadside stop to change her tyre and discovered the teflon liners hadn’t been put back into her new tyres poo dam. Rube’s words were far more colorful of course 😉 We clunked to the BP where I met a friend and her daughter who wanted to see the ‘team in action.’ We deliberated over a coffee and hot chocolate and I decided to head back to Sandgate to re-sort my girl’s bits out with the bikeman. There’s a long way ahead us after all!!

On a positive however…… we did get our first donation while at BP how very cool’s that yayayayay!!!! ‘Sue’ approached me and said ‘this is all I have’ handing over a tenna and we chatted a bit about the challenge and cause. Thanks Sue. I didn’t have a recipt to give her so that was my heads up to buy a receipt book back in Sandgate. ‘Amanda’ from News express Sandgate, was very excited and supportive of Theaussiechallenge and gave us the receipt book as a freebie to help our $ endeavours. She’s also a teacher at a school in McDowall and asked for the blog site so that she and the kids can follow. Big yay!!!!!!!!!!  

Before leaving this morning my dad said he would get online tonight and take the oath to see us safely off. That’s so my poppy and the fella I want to feature for day1. The Oath is a symbol of commitment to stand up for the women in your life so in return I want to acknowledge my No1 hero. I thought the best way to capture pops is to share the yarn I wrote for him for his 80th birthday. Thx mate!!! As a side story, dad was telling me this morning that his great grandfather, James Stephenson was the Overseer on a property called Booubyjan north of Goomerie. It’s pretty much along the way and we’re going to see if we can have a stop over to check out the homestead on day 2. Gotta get out of Sandgate first so I’m off now to put the teflon liners back into Rube’s slicks. I also want to do up a screed about theaussiechallenge and cause. This will be helpful to explain to folk until I get it rolling smoothly off the tongue. Rube again wants a mouth to tell her side of the story. The girl’s out of control and perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!  

A bit of a tricky start today but we’re already underway with’ fine folk’ notches on the belt and we haven’t even left Sandgate. No surprises there…Nice!!!

I am very partial to reality. Sometimes it bites hard, other times just a nibble but it always keeps it real and Rube and I on our toes. I like it!!!!!!

Talk soon x     


To be proud of

One thing to be proud of dad,

you’re mates are all around.

You may not play as hard these days,

but friends are solid ground.


Two things to be proud of dad,

are those athletic legs.

They may not run as fast these days,

but they’re still your sexy pegs.


Three things to be proud of dad

is your volunteering time.

You may not work as much these days,

but this for mum is fine.


Four things to be proud of dad,

is your working life.

Years of service with the bank,

you even scored a wife.


Five things to be proud of dad,

are your loving mob.

You’re our pops our dad our mate,

and perfect for the job.


Six things to be proud of dad,

you are a people’s man.

A love for yarns and telling jokes,

some hard to understand.


Seven to be proud of dad,

you know what’s good and right.

You’ve fought for local issues hard,

a Sandgate man with might.


So much to be proud of dad,

eight decades rich with life.

A grandad, father, brother, son

and husband to your wife.


For one who loves his heritage,

you’re a gem in the family tree.

So here’s to you my darling pops,

a hero dad to me.

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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.' H D Thoreau

13 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 1 Take two tomorrow

  1. Maree you and Rube have a safe trip. Will be following your every move. John

  2. Okay Ruby – what`s a girl to do without her teflon liners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like things will definitely run more smoothly with them in place (am seriously considering getting some for myself :-))
    Keep the positive outlook Re – like you said a good reality check and test run!!!
    Dad -you`re the perfect man to be number 1 to take the oath and that`s really saying something sharing your life with a house FULL of women XO
    Safe second start Maree XXXXOOOO

  3. Your dad is a wealth of experience and a hero …great poem …wish we could have been there to see u off …twice …hehee…looking forward to be there with u in my arm chair..hehee..good luck and safe travels…ohhh how’s the dreadies goin

    1. Hiiiiiii thanks as always for the comments. It’s good to be sharing again. I’ve asked Ruth to call the white ribbon markettIng person to ask. What a great Idea yay laurels!!!!!!

    1. Hi there. Welcome to the next 168 days. It’s so great to have a comment knowing that you’re enjoying the adventure with me. That’s awesome thankyou!!!!

  4. Hi Maree have a great ride i will be following you on this side.Want to say how well you did on your last trip.We met on the top off cambodia i was cycling as well did cambodia laos thailand .Yan from nz you may not remember?Your an insperation.I like to do something like that cycling for a good cours. sorry for some off the spelling. Have a save trip.

    1. Hell yes I remember it’s great to hear from you. And that’s so true about remembering the land and it’s contours. You would know best from NZ. Enjoy the ride with me!!!!

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