Theaussiechallenge Post # 4 Childers

Day 4 166 days to go. Distance: 125km total 395km. It’s 8pm Tuesday 10/7/2012 Childers. I’m so squeeky clean, gear washed, out of the crap weather and cosy cosy content happy yay. I got into Childers at 5.15pm way later than thought but its been a long peddle in the rain today with lots of undulating road in the 125kms. So its a satisfying relief to be sitting on the verandah at the Childers Royal Hotel posting you fine folk. I landed on my feet tonight bigtime after finding out that the Childers Show grounds no longer take over overnight campers. So I headed back into the main street and hit the hotel owner up for a freebie stay. Greg was so supportive and was more than happy to offer me a room and just asked I be out by 8am. How incredibly good is that and so nice not to be in the tent tonight as its totally wet and chill bill. I was so stinky along with the gear as Ive only had wet wipe clean ups for the last days. God its so nice to be clean and not smell like a sweaty ala dodge. Hey mum the tube of clothes wash you gave me has done the trick for some seriously stenchy gear thank you xxxx Having access to power is also good timing so I can charge up the electronics and be good to get back into it tomorrow. We’ll aim for Granite Creek Rest Stop tomorrow near Builyan National Park about 117km. I spent a time with Derek and Kathy this morning checking the new route with them and they said Granite Creek is one of the better stays yay. All around australia are freebie rest stops for travelers and the camp 6 bible has them all marked what a source. The weather’s forecast rain through to Saturday eeeek but once we turn inland at Rocky and cross the Drummond Range it should clear up and flatten out. I have theeee sorest butt butt getting used to the kms and backing up again. Wicked!! Lets just say the paw paw ointment is getting dinted 🙂 Also staying at the hotel are three young backpackers from Wales, luke, Gareth, and Siobhan. They are driving around Australia and are big time friendly and fun. They came out when I was unpacking Rube out the front of the hotel. Once settled and out of the wet gear I went downstairs and chatted to them. Theyve done so much travel in australia and OS and loved Vietnam so we were able to exchange some travel stories. They have based themselves in Perth and done lots of travel in that corner and across the Nullabor checking out The Great Australian Bight highlights. They will be back in Perth the same time I arrive and have invited us to stay with them which is such a generous offer. My partner and I will be in Perth on the 22/9/12 and plan to do the Cape to Cape hike. The spots along the Nullabor where you can access the coast sound amazing. Luke donated $2.50 and Siobhan $5 and both luke and Garreth made the oath. Thank you and we may see you in September. We entered sugar cane country today and had a break between cane fields where there was a huge irrigation system set up. We shared the stop with a very social willy wagtail and he reminded me so much of the giant willies back in China. Theyll such cool birds cheeky as. Rube wants to be a willy in her next life 🙂 Childers is really beautiful old and grand with restored shopfront facades and a tree lined main street so typical of Aussie country towns. Im loving sitting outside on the pub veranda and taking it all in. Its been a huge day ending safe and sound and squeeky clean in an awesome pub room at the right price. Thanks Greg. Ill grab his details in the morn and the white ribbon folk may send him a thankyou letter along with other businesses who help us along our way. It seems kind folk are universal including Aus and that’s a huge comfort and a good thing yay. Its great to be on the receiving end of this with hard earnt kms but a bagfull of cool tales already. Today my Nephew started at Sandgate State High after sorting out his enrollment yesterday. Ryans on a gap year from Germany living with his Nana and Grandad. My big sister has 2 boys Ryan 16 and Christopher 18 and both have been brave enough to tackle a year in Aus. Chrispher came out a couple years ago and stayed with me in Maleny but Ryan is having his own experience in the beautiful Brissie corner of Sandgate. We’ve had a few days to share his arrival and excitement and I sooo wish him all the best now settling into High school and getting into his year. Good luck mate and can’t wait to hear all about your cool mischiefs and stories when Im back on the 24/12/12. Ryan has made the white ribbon oath and I acknowledge you mate for being a pretty awesome 16 year old role model. Love ya!!! Talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 4 Childers

  1. Ree, after all those ks and rain today I bet it felt like 48hours in the saddle…but it’s Tuesday, not Wednesday……Yah!! Let’s see how far north you are by this time tomorrow! Well done!
    And good-on-ya Ryan!

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