The aussiechallenge post # 3 Gunalda

Day 3 167 days to go. Distance: 73km total 270km. It’s 7 .30pm Monday 9/7/2012 Gunalda. Hi there fine folk. Oh boy today was a welcome back to the colorful challenges mother nature can throw at the wee cyclists and their buddy bikes. Rain, head wind, and lots of hills to get the legs into gear again. Backing up from yesterday I only managed 73km today but they were well earnt so all good. I kept thinking about a comment my big sister said to me on the phone the night before we left. She said our cycling was like having a baby (with all due rspect mums). The first time around gets lots of compassionate support being unsure of what we’re in for. But the 2nd time around, its serve yourself right’ knowing all too well whats installed. Any risk of the 6 weeks holidaying at home clouding my memory has been rudely removed 🙂 It was a later start from Pomona after packing up the wet kit and the coffee at Gympie tasted dam fine and gave us a chance to dry off under the hands dryer at Macas. The countryside was very hinterland with the air and sounds delish. I have travelled this part of the highway so many times but its sooo different up close and personal on Rube. We had a late lunch stop at the rest stop in Gunalda and got to talking to a Dutch couple on a road trip holiday visiting family in Emerald. They have had lots of trips to Aus previously and next time plan to take a 4WD around the country. They were very interested in what we were up to. Their names were Inge and Knud. Knud happilly did a white ribbon oath and they donated $20 which was awesome!!!!! By this stage is was getting well into the afternoon and my will to peddle the 25km to Tiaro was easily convinced to call it a day. Thank goodness we did as shortly afterwards I met a couple who have been traveling around Australia since the early 90s. You can imagine the wealth of experience they have and they were so keen to share their tips with me. Its been fabulous bouncing off my ideas and getting first hand experience from folk who know the route options so well. Their names are Kathy and Derek and Derek’s a retired Ambo. They have a house in Redcliffe but have pretty much been on the road for the last 15 years loving the country and lifestyle. We talked for about 2 hours so lovely. derek also made the oath and they donated $5. Since then I have been re-routing and working out the ks and days remaining to Darwin when I meet my partner. It looks like its very doable with consideration to water, rest stops and safe road travel if we turn left at Rocky to Longreach then up to Isa and Cammoweal at the border. Im starting to get the size of the challenge ahead and the expanse of peddling our country. How awesome!!! That Dave Alley cycled the route in 37 days is unfathomable. You rock Dave and are deserving of such respect and admiration for your achievement. I am so proud the have you as the ambassador for our aussiechallenge and will try do your support justice starting with Darwin by the 17/8. Lets see how we go. I also got to meet ‘Mick’ the Truckee who popped into the rest stop on his way to Brissie tonight. He showed me through his truck Cabin. Ive never seen inside one of the huge transports. They are a mini room with aircon and a huge sleeping compartment. The dashboard looks like something from a plane’s cockpit. So anyway Rube and I are tucked under a shelter and its a beautiful fresh clear night after a ‘not so’ day. We’re just going to roll out the mat and sleeping bag and enjoy a sense of sleeping under the stars and out of the weather I like it. It’s so time for dinner as Ive got the starvs probably from talking moreso than peddling 🙂 well maybe not the legs have earnt a yummy dinner. Noodles are on the menu. Now there’s a blast from the recent Asian past!!!

Talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “The aussiechallenge post # 3 Gunalda

  1. Hello beautiful, Nic and I have been following your posts and to date not knowing much about blogs have not messaged. So here I go trying something new just to wish you and Ruby a fantastic safe journey around our beautiful country side. xx

    1. Omg I haven’t spoke to You fine ladies in yonks. Soooooo great to hear from you and hope you’re safe and happy and the family the same. Thx for the comment love how awesome. Off now for another day in our beautiful contry. You said it 🙂 xxxxxxx

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