Theaussiechallenge Post # 19 McKinley

Day 21 149 days to go. Distance: today 100km total 1938km. It’s 5pm Friday 27/7/2012 McKinley. I’m sitting on the front verandah at the Crocodile Dundee Walkabout Creek Hotel enjoying my million dollar coke zero while sitting in the afternoon sun mmmmmmmmm. It’s been sooo windy today like crazy windy but I’m tucked away now out of it and its delish. There’s still another hour or so of sunlight before Ill go set up super tent at the rest stop but Im not in any hurry as its cosy here and windy out there. After riding 100ks against a westerly we’re a bit wind blown and tidy wides. The cokes going down very nicely indeedy. I was able to call home this arv as I haven’t had any reception for a few days now and it was brief but nice to get a home fix. Today started overcast and really cold. I had my thermals on and still had gooseys. But as the wind blew the clouds away the sun came out and made it warmer just head windy and gusty. We had our first break at Kynuna which was a tiny dot town with a roadhouse that sold coffee yay. Instant never tasted so good. I was talking to the worker there Gloria who said that they have one female police officer in town, a single Mum with 2 kids. She’s been there since 2008 and had a tense start but is now doing a great job and part of the community. It must be so tough for coppers in small towns being the local 24/7. I got a photo outside the small station that had a hessian police officer dressed up in overalls and a slouchy hat. The front of the police house had the best vegy garden growing. It oozed a female’s touch. I take my helmet off to Kelly doing it solo and raising a young family. That’s guts!! Our next break was by a dry creek bed that had a solid barrier where we could get out of the wind a while. Despite the tricky breeze I’m soo appreciating the fine wether and it’s making our camp nights a treat. Thankyou mother nature for looking out for us so far. Good vibes from me to you. The countryside was again open plains but with those raised hills periodically on the horizon to break the flatness. The wild flowers bring life to the grass tuffs by the roadside. We saw so many brolgas today in flight all heading westwards. At a guess they’re migrating somewhere that way. Ive heard from travellers the lakes like Eyre are teeming with life and have been now for a few years. It must be heaven in the outback for the birds who survived the years of drought prior. We pass many entrances to huge cattle properties each with their own quirky facade. We stopped at Kooroora Station that had huge cart wheels painted primary colors as well as the gallon drum letter box and the contrast against the brown land and blue skies looked awesome. About 10km out of town a couple in a van drove alongside me for a chat until the next big truck came along. So we pulled over and continued. Sandy and Jan are from Bendigo and like so many others, traveling north for the winter. Sandy’s a mad keen cyclists and follows a circuit of cycle events as they travel around. They were very interested to hear about our travels and cause and gladly took a card to check out the blog. Thankyou for the $5 donation fine folk and for pulling me over to say hi. Stay safe on the road Sandy and keep that cycle fever alive and well yayay!!! There’s nothing too much in McKinley but its a convenient spot on route to Cloncurry tomorrow. The folk at the pub were happy to have me hang out here out of the weather until it’s time to set up camp. Ive ben able to charge up my kit and talk to some folk stopping for a drink and photo. I think its going to be an early night to beddy byes. I’m sleepy in the sun and the thought sounds quite delish. I’ll finish it up there for now and do my have-tos in time to enjoy the sunset. A good day done and dusted with Mother Nature blowing about in a tizz 🙂
It’s 7.30pm and I’m sitting at our camp by the truck stop. Ive met some of the truckees who have stopped overnight for a beer, clean up and dinner at the McKinley Roadhouse. Ive been talking to Wayne from Mt Isa and he seems a good fella like most of the lads. He was interested in knowing more about White Ribbon and is going to let his counterparts know we’re on the road to Cloncurry. He invited me over for dinner but I sadly declined opting for noodles tonight. I was over the roadhouse earlier and checked out the menu which is soo expensive like top pub prices meals from $20-30. Plus I want something a little more substantial than a bowl of chips which is all I could afford at those prices. That’s a huge expense for the truckees unless their food bill is covered in their pay. He was saying how so many city folk don’t appreciate how big Australia is and how long it takes for them to transport the majority of the country’s produce by road. They are definitely the backbone to supplying our supermarkets and ensuring our fridges and cupboards are stocked. Wayne said the weather gets warmer now as you head more north. He was grizzly about the cold nights and couldn’t believe we’re out in it camping. But I have my thermals, grape and gortex on and we’re toasting warm and ready for dinner. It’s 3 weeks since we’ve started and what an amazing time it’s been already. I did a slideshow playback of our photos last night and I love every memory of the places and folk we’ve met. Yay travel!!! $345.35 cash donations and 22 oaths (21 days). It’s time to chase more oaths to stay on top of our 1 per day quota. Onto that tomorrow!! Talk soon x
PS Evan I saw my first shooting star tonight and immediately thought of my handsome young Nephew wishing us many more to come xxxxxxxxx

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5 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 19 McKinley

  1. Hope you made a wish Aunty Ree! Mummy said the sky is so big out there where you are now and really dark because there’s no houses. With all that sky and all those stars, you’ll see so many now, your wishes will criss cross the sky. Love Evan XXx

    1. The next shooting star is all yours mate wishing you so many thankyous for your lovely message and the excitement of starting highschool. Hope the tummy bugs are long gone so you can keep enjoying the summer fun over there. Mommy said you’re off to Cres. I loved that place you can see all the fish in the water it’s sooo clear. Fishy fishy fishy. I did lots of fish bottom wiggling dances when swimming there yay xxxx

  2. This is Jan who you mentioned in your report of 28th August. So exciting to read it. We are now home and Sandy had the photos developed which reminded me to look up your web site. Now that we have been around, I know just how far you have to go, dear girl. But obviously you are enjoying yourself and meeting lots of lovely people. Keep up the good work, I mean cycling AND writing. Lots of love from us. Jan.

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