Theaussiechallenge Post # 20 Cloncurry

Day 22 148 days to go. Distance: today 115km total 2053km. It’s 7.20pm Saturday 28/7/2012 Cloncurry. I’m sitting at Wal’s Camp all squeaky clean after some serious scrubbing off dirt and sunscreen from the last few days. Boy does that feel better. It’s such a great camp here just outside of town and away from any noise except lots of crickets yay. Margaret the owner put me in a grassed area freebie spot away from the vanners so it’s peaceful and quite and delish num num. I even have reception so I can upload my posts since Longreech. A couple of the holiday makers came over for a chat and to make a donation. I met Elizabeth who’s a nurse and was very interested in white ribbon and talking relationship dynamics. She said that she was over a Vanuatu recently and met a woman who has set up a domestic violence service which is very progressive given its a patriarchal society. I also met Del from Bribie Island who wished us safe travels and all the best for the cause. Thankyou ladies for the interesting conversations and donations totally $15 yay. Cloncurry is allot bigger than I thought it was going to be and it’s in a beautiful area. About 30km out the landscape became quite hilly with unusual rock formations. There’s a new native in the area flowering yellow flowers and against the blue sky and red rock it looks amazing and made for some great photos. I stocked up on supplies now leaving Mt Isa free to give Rube some attention and maybe even find somewhere to load some photos which will be great. We need to buy some new spare tubes and a tyre for the trailer as it burst 10km into it today. Rube also needs a degrease and lube so we may have a day off in Mt Isa if needed. Tomorrow’s Sunday so not sure what will be open but we might be able to sort her out Monday morning and still do our kms for the day.

We had a pretty emotional experience soon after sorting the tyre out. We rode across a kangaroo that had been hit but was still very alive and sitting in the roadside grass. Poor darling man he was so broken he couldn’t move his bottom half and was bleeding internally. It was an easy decision to put him out of his misery but allot harder to do it. Thank goodness Graham had told me how to humanely kill animals I come across. His advice was spot on and it was only minutes before the fella could be at peace. I held his head and heart while he passed away. It was necessary but a bit tough and both Rube and I had big tears afterwards. Then we realized we have our own ‘spirit of Australia’ with us now for as long as the beautiful man wants to hang round and look out for us. I can just picture him now kicking back on Rube’s trailer taking in the scenery with his earphones on listening to some cool tunes and having an icy beer. Nice!!! 🙂

We saw a huge black bore that had been hit and killed and the bumper bar was laying beside. We also saw a roo that had been hit and was at least 6 foot tall. Both must have caused such an impact. A feral cat crossed the road in front of us. He was tabby in color but twice the size of a domestic cat. He stopped and watched us coming but slowly sauntered off not fussed at all. I’d never seen a wild cat before and I can see why they cause so much damage to the native wildlife. He looked every bit the hunter so in his realm. We startled a group of emus eating along the roadside grasses. They shi# themselves and ran off with their long necks stretched outwards and their tail feathers bouncing. They are so fast. We were doing about 30km per hour at the time and they ran past us and into the bush. So cool to see!!!! The creeks we pass are all dry but you can appreciate how much water must wash down them with the rains. The dry river scenes are so classic Australian and make greta photos. It’s another stunning evening clear clear starry skies and time now for dinner. Talk soon x ps $360.35 cash donations 22 oaths 22 days yay.

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3 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 20 Cloncurry

  1. So glad you`re back on line Re 🙂 Am really loving my daily outback fix!!! That was a very moving story with the kangaroo..thank you for caring ❤

  2. Your trip is sounding so amazing so far….I have passed the link on to a few girlfriends who are very adventurous and they are loving reading your journey as well……. It must have been so heartbreaking to find that roo….You are amazing to handle it the way you did… Good luck with all the fundraising.. will be throwing a donation in myself to help you along…. Safe travels xoxoxo

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