Theaussiechallenge Post # 21 65km outside Mt Isa


Our first break today was at a the Burke and Wills memorial where an obelisk has been erected by the Cloncurry Shire Council to commemorate the expedition of Burke and Wills who crossed at the site on the 22/1/1861 on their journey across the Australian continent. It was pretty incredible to stop and consider their challenges during this era of little technology and nothing much about except wild Australia. When we got to the rest stop I met David and his family from Sydney who had stopped for lunch. What a cool family with four kids in tow under the age of 11. David’s a keen cyclist with his flat bar racer on board and he was really interested in what we’re up to. He also hopes to do an Aussie cycle sometime down the track when the kids are older. He’s a police officer from NSW and very familiar with White Ribbon which is supported by all police services in Australia. I was telling him about the Ambassador for our challenge, Dave Alley and how he cycled around Australia last October in 37 days. He too can’t fathom the daily distances covered by Dave and I’m appreciating his team’s achievements more and more. For example in 23 days we have covered 2118km averaging 92km per day. By day 23 Dave had cycled 8587km at 374km a day. You’re a freak mate meant very very respectfully!!! And….. They raised $20000 for the Flying Doctors which coincidently started in Cloncurry. David and his family gave us some fresh water, cheese slices and home made cookies which are sooo delish. They’re a basic cooky mixture but have crushed smarties through them just for the kids and kids at heart yummy. David did an oath up before they headed and it’s most likely we’re cross paths as they head back from Darwin. I told them we’ll be looking out for their van with the agenda of scoring some more cookies 🙂 Ive saved the last one for desert tonight.
It’s 7pm and back again after collecting and putting back on my very clean riding gear that smells like roses. The red marino t-shirt I’m wearing is so on it’s last legs with holes appearing. It was standing up by itself before I washed it today and I think the dirt and sunscreen mix was keeping it together. It’s been more on than off since the 1/12/12 so it’s done some very hard sweaty yards but it’ll be nice if it sees me through to Darwin. I think there will have to be a ceremonial burning after that.

After doing the washing this arv I got talking to a couple from the Blue Mountains who are traveling for 3 months. They are originally from Poland and still have strong accents and are the nicest of folk. They were in Poland for April and May visiting her mother and were showing me their photos. There was so much snow still about and it looked like a postcard Xmas in springtime. They told me their names but I can’t remember them bugga. Her mum lived in Poland but she passed away two weeks after they got home. She was telling me lots of stories about her and I think she enjoyed the reminiscing as much as I appreciated her sharing her memories still very emotional. He used to work at the ‘Tic Tac’ factory and was telling me how he never swears but became famous at work for saying ‘shitsky.’ Apparently it became the signature swear word amongst employees even to this day!!! Everyone’s gotta have a legacy and this ones particularly funny 🙂 Later on I was visited by Davina walking her cocker spaniel. She was a rescue dog and now enjoys a very happy life traveling with mum and dad and meeting new folk. Davina returned with a $10 donation. Cash donations are now $370.35 with 23 oaths in 23 days. My tummy’s eating itself so I’ll finish up there. I’ll upload this post tomorrow from Mt Isa most likely from McDonalds as I’m hanging for a coffee. I’ve taken to tea drinking and a McCafe coffee will be my motivation bubble crossing the two passes into Isa tomorrow. Whatever works I say. Night from us. Talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 21 65km outside Mt Isa

  1. Hi mate. I hope you injoyed the Mt Isa to cloncurry ride. That is my home towns. Now I own a bikes shop in Gladstone. Called M1 cycles.

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