Theaussiechallenge Post # 22 Mt Isa

Day 24 146 days to go. Distance: today 65km total 2183km. It’s 9pm Monday 30/7/12 Mt Isa. As you can see I’m still in Mt Isa and only just stopped now after doing my ‘have-to’s’ and having a great talk to the folks yay phone reception. Rube is looking pretty dam shmick and she knows so. She has three new decent tyres that we can run on really high PSI great for covering kms. I had a good look at the ones she had knowing that they were getting a bit tired. Oh dear the inside canvas was starting to come through both so newbies were definitely needed and Mt Isa very good timing indeedy. She’s also had a degrease and new lube. We found a Chinese bloke behind his restaurant, pressure hosing some air vents and he let me use his hose which was great as her bits were very gluggy. Now you can see the chrome again and she’s sparkling for NT here we come. In two days we’ll be at Camooweal on the border. Today’s ride was just as beautiful as yesterday. The area the same red rocky hillscape covered in natives. We left camp this morning at 7.30am and arrived in Mt Isa at 11.30am. The info centre pointed us towards a bike shop where we bought her bits and bobs and we found a crazy clarks for the degreaser. It was then time for that Maccas coffee and indulged while checking out emails from friends and family. Thankyou darlings it was so great to hear what’s news back home xxxx I met a man called tony who is in Mt Isa for a few days then travelling onto Darwin. He was so encouraging and supportive of what we’re doing and gave me his mobile if we need a hand over the next days as he’ll be passing us on his way through. So lovely and he donated $5 awesome!! Coming out of Maccas there were a couple reading Rubes trailer sign and we got talking about spots to see particularly in WA. They said Exmouth is a must and was telling me about the snorkeling and drifting and trips out to see the manta rays. It sounds so amazing!!!! Arnold and Judith are from Warrnambool on the Great Ocean Road. I think that’s the name of the place but I’ll have to check with them. My brain’s a sieve 🙂 Anyway they have invited us to visit on our way through which is fabulous and we’ll let them know when we’re closer to that corner of the world. It’s a world away distance wise and lots to happen between now and then but what a lovely offer again from fine fine folk. They also donated $10 thankyou thankyou xx It was late o’clock when we had done the last of our shopping so I found a campsite to sort out my girl’s new bits. It’s cost $15 and the first accommodation we’ve had to pay for which isn’t bad after 3 weeks hey? It’s also a really good price considering Mt Isa accommodation availability and prices so we’re happy and the facilities are good. Also staying in the unpowered section are two fellas traveling from Darwin to find work. They’ve been at Alice and now spending a time in Isa. They were having ‘beer’ oclock when I got here so I went over and introduced myself. They couldn’t be more down to earth and friendly. They’re both indigenous identifiers. Tim’s an older block with silver fox hair and beard. Paul’s younger and a concreter by trade and spent most of his youth in the Kimberley’s with his family. He was telling me about them hunting their food and living off a land that is so remote and beautiful. It was so apparent how much he loves the region. Both men have been camping recently at the rest area outside of Camooweal and were telling me about it by a lagoon and a beautiful spot to free camp. That’ll be us Wednesday night all going well. Both guys did an oath and wished us safe travels. Paul leant me a lamp when it got dark and I was still mucking about fitting Rube’s new tyres. They invited me to share their stew but I apologized whispering that it clashed with my vegetarianism but smelt awesome all the same. Many many thankyous later I made sure I didn’t offend as they are such lovely guys and clearly looking out for me. I was able to lend them my Camp6 bible as they wanted to see what rest areas were in Qld. It’s time for some dinner now and to cuddle into bed as it’s been a long day and I’m a bit tidy wides. Mum finally sorted out the name of the truck carriages. They’re called ‘doggies.’ You’re all over it Mops xxxx I’ll drop that lingo the next opportunity just like a real local 🙂 A close bud of mine sent me a quote for the day which I love love love so thought I’d share with you in closing. ‘Once you choose hope anything is impossible ‘ (Christopher Reeves). Thank you Scotty my friend x Talk soon x ps Cash donations are now $385.35 with 25 oaths in 24 days big time yay.

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