Theaussiechallenge Post # 23 Gallery so far – Part A

Day 25 117 days to go to White Ribbon Day. Distance today (Still to do) Total 2183km+tbc. It’s 11.15am Tuesday 31/7/2012 Mt Isa. I finally found an internet café yayayayayayaya.  It’s been a very social start to the day amongst the trick of finding internet access that takes a USB and doesn’t block wordpress. There’s coin operated cafes about but blogs are blocked for some reason. Anyway Rube spotted this newsagency with a sign out front and they have the starting blocks for us to finally get our ‘gallery so far’ uploaded. That’s my eagle eye’s girl!!! We’ve spent the morning trying to sort this one out but it’s worth it as we’re now into the next weeks before Darwin and this is kinda the gallery for our Qld milestone and well overdue for sharing. There’s a few hundred photos to upload so I’ll divide them across two posts part A and B. Take your time over a coffee, tea, red or weiss beer, and enjoy the pickies of what’s been Theaussiechallenge to date.

I’ve met this fabulous lad trying for the last days to hitch a ride to three ways with no luck. He was at a roadhouse about 5 km out of town and no one was interested in picking him up. So he thought this morning, ‘I’m not doing this a third time.’ And came into the info centre to buy a ticket to Tenant Creek. His name is really unusual like ‘Tino’ or something close but again sieve brain and it’s gone but no offence intended mate it was awesome meeting you. He’s off now to do the Larapinta trail solo and it should be beautiful. Usually he runs a café in Daintree and told us to ask about for him when we’re there and pop in. definitely done you’re a very cool fella. Safe hitching and hiking and living life to the adventurous max. A lady by the name of ‘Lyn’ then came up and said ‘we’ve passed you three times now what on earth are you doing?’ We exchanged travel stories and Lyn donated $10 and will be looking out if we get a mention in the media leading up to the 25/11. I hope so that’ll be cool to get some exposure for the white ribbon fundraising challenge. The lady at the newsagency has just donated us a new Aussie flag that clicks onto Rube’s trailer sign. Nice!!! It’s looks awesome yayayayaya. I’m experiencing a real sense of National pride. It counts to me to like our backyard and know our folk are kind are dam fine.

So for now it’s our focus to keep each other safe and sound, make each day count big, keep the oaths and cash donations ticking over, and share our adventure with you fine folk. That’s more than enough to keep us cheeky monkey’s out of mischief. Well a little mischief is ok to keep the eye’s shining bright J




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