Theaussiechallenge Post # 48 Broome

Day 57 85 days to go. Distance today 0km total 4314km. It’ 12.40pm Sunday 2/9/12 Broome. I’ve got an awesome assortment of shells I found earlier and am about to make a bracelet or necklace nice nice. A few days back rube spotted a ball of grasshopper green twin by the roadside that we bower birded and now I know why. It’s fun collecting stuff on our travels adding it to our treasures. Yesterday I found a ‘hot surface ‘ road sign warning that had blown off a truck and it’s now strapped on the back of my girl. I think it’s about it’s been but Rube reckons its about her LOL. She is after all a hot and spicy thing!!! I’ve met some local indigenous folk one fella walking his dog who has grown up in the area and was telling me about crocs and stingers. Ive been enjoying another family having big fun and playful dip next to where Im dugonging it. The brain is off from our norm but so ‘on’ taking in the little things big around the bayside. The water is aqua and clear and stunning. There’s a pod of dolphins playing just out from where you can wallow it in the shallows. The bay has a strip of sand with a fabulous array of shells and rocks. The rocks are fascinating mostly conglomerate fusions of shells, stones and sand. Just up from the beach strip is grassed and palm lined with shady spots tempting an afternoon kip. That may be on the cards but for now I’m under a patch of fronds ready for some jewelry making. Let’s see how we go. Rubes down at the boat ramp checking out the local fishermen’s catch of day. A
Couple who I met some days ago just walked passed and stopped for a chat. They’re from Yorkshire Dales originally but all Aussie nowadays. They are here for a few days staying up at Cable Beech and tonight going to the ‘oldest open air cinema still operating’ and one of Broome’s attractions nice!!! Talk soon x

It’s 7.15pm and I’m sitting out on the peninsula waiting for night 2 of the stairway to the moon. Apparently it’s a blue moon tonight so let’s see. It’s been a sensational day everything I had hoped. I hung around the bay and made my string of shells I collected earlier. I may not have a future in jewelry making but Rube reckons it looks pretty funky and is now round her handle bars and her birthday treat. She fancies herself a bit of a surfy girl now with sand in her peddles so it’s a pretty perfect pressie.

This afternoon we went and checked out the local parade. It was part of the pearl festival on this weekend and very cool. This corner of the country is known as they pearl coast as it was a major industry for the area in past days. We then did a top up shop at Woolies and I got to talk to the folks for fathers day which was awesome. Back at the campgrounds I met Audrey who’s traveling with her husband and a self confesed 5 star camper. ‘Nothing wrong with that’ I told her ‘as long as your out there amongst it and happy.’ Dam straight!!! We may meet again as they’re from Sydney and traveling the same route. Thank you Audrey for your $20 donation (Cash donations now $1379.35).

The moon’s coming up in much the same magnificence as last night. I couldn’t tire of that sight but not sure what the ‘blue’ moon look is???? It’s quieter on the pier tonight which is nice and good atmosphere for pondering beautiful things.

I like Broome allot. It has a mixed feel of a small dot country town, and beach side village. The folk are friendly and clearly community minded. There’s a large indigenous population and Ive really enjoyed mixing it with the local folk savoring the bay for a day and it’s simple treasures. It’s cool seeing the local s loving their home and sharing it with them. Do as the locals do I say yay!!!

It’s 9.15pm now and getting time for supper and beddy byes. Ive checked emails and sent an email off to family. Rube and I head down the Pearl Coast tomorrow just 60km to the first rest area but on our way nonetheless. Lets see what delights unfold as we venture south WA style. As Treebeard says in ‘Lord of the Rings,’ …..’I like traveling south it always feels like you’re going downhill…… :-)’ Talk soon

‘Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.’ Albert Schweitzer (thank you Scotty my dear dear friend Love to you and your clan and happy fathers day mate xxxx)

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