Theaussiechallenge Post # 47 Broome

Day 56 86 days to go. Distance today 175km total 4314km. It’s 8am Sunday 2/9/12 Broome Broome Broome Broome Broome!!!!!!. Happy birthday to Rube and I us virgo girls made it by the 1/9 as hoped big yay us!!! We celebrated with the Stairway to the Moon last night at Roebuck Bay. We’re camped at the grounds right on the bay I can’t believe it what a score at $15 per night and we’re so meant to be here. We arrived late yesterday arv and squeezed into the unpowered campgrounds right on the bay where folk congregate each full moon. As taken from the lonely planet……” the reflections of the rising full moon hit-ting the rippled Roebuck Bay mud flats, ex-posed at low tide, create the optical illusion of a golden stairway leading to the moon, called (naturally) the Staircase to the Moon. It has quite an impact on Broome’s locals and visitors alike. If you’re in town for the few days around the full moon, between March and October (the visitors centre publishes the exact dates and times), the town will be abuzz with everyone eager to see the spectacle. At Town Beach there’s a lively evening market with food stalls and people bring their fold-up chairs and a bot-tle of something!”

And that was us last night sharing the event with Phyliss and Peter and a bunch of other folk we bumped into on the rocky outcrop into the bay. It was magic beautiful and yessssssss worth every peddle and sweaty bits over the last week of tough going. I would have sent this last night but I was a bit deliriously happy. The full moon rose at exactly 6.23pm and for the next hour I took lots of pickies as the stairs grew along the sand flats spectacle glossy mag stuff. We checked out the markets afterwards but I was risking wondering off up the stairway to the moon so I pretty much ate and passed out. 7am wake up this morn!!!! 14hrs yesssssssssss!!!! Im pretty dehydrated after the last days with the acidic wee thing happening eeeeow. Lots of water and a few ural sachets and already feeling a whole bunch better. We’re here for another day of doing nothing and enjoying everything. Right now I’m sitting in my undies with the seagulls on the grassy area in front of our camp. Its simply beautiful!!!!!!! We started yesterday at 6am but before leaving ‘Ray’ another camper came up and donated $20. He introduced himself and told me I have inspired him. He’s a classical pianist and wants to perform as he travels to raise money for a charity. He’s been sitting on the idea a while but seeing us has given him that extra push stuff to put the idea into action. I told Ray that he could not have given me a bigger compliment. I wish you well in bringing idea to life mate and sooooo good on you!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll upload the posts from the last days including this one to bring you fine folk up to date. The last posts have been circumstantially
rushed so I’m indulging today putting the days events down as they slowly unfold. Our have-tos can wait until the morning so today’s our day to hang out in beautiful Broome. Its very special to be here and share the milestone with you. Yayayayaya!!!!! Cash donations $1359.35 ps the cafe next door is playing ….. ‘Dancing in the streets.’ Thats been our theme song since Katherine I cant believe it. Rubes dancing with the seagull!!!!! 🙂 my little free-spirit buddy I love her.

ALL THE POPPY’s ABOUT SHARING THEIR DAY WITH THEIR CLAN. My main man is apparently eating pasties with his woman and grandson at the Redcliffe markets…. Perfect!!!! Talk soon x

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