Theaussiechallenge Post # 52 Sandfire Roadhouse

Day 61 81 days to go. Distance today 110km total 4649km. It’s 6pm Thursday 6/9/12 Sand Fire Roadhouse. Today started with another spectacular sunrise. I’m really enjoying the early starts. It’s cool and there’s hardly any traffic on the road so we ride with the birds in all their tweeting morning glory. The number of trucks increase after ‘roo risk’ passes then die down again over breaky o’clock. After chatting with Roger and Jan last night I have an added zest in my truckee wave. This sense of big brother bond with the lads is really strong. When I stopped today at Sand Fire Roadhouse there was a truckee having lunch and I sat with him for an hour talking all stuff weather and routes and loads and kms. He was shy at first and a bit stuttery but soon found his mojo and chatting momentum. This sparked a series of social ‘run ins.’ I met Ron who’s riding his Harley around Australia in 6 weeks to raise money for cancer research. He’s got a brochure and is registered on http://www.everydayhero/Ron McLaughlin. A totally totally cool guy and bike and it was great to chat with him a while and exchange details. I hope we’ll cross paths again. He looks just like Steve Waugh. I was trying to think who he reminded me of and of course thought of it after he left. Hope to hear from you mate and have a safe and successful ride. Love the brochure!!!! He’s also on facebook if you want to check him out. Sue and John then arrived on their way though to eighty mile beach. They too had just been staying at Barn Hill Station and loved loved loved it!!! i gave them the dates when I’ll be Geraldton and they’ll be home by then so awesome we’ll get to spend some time together in their home town on the 20/9. I then met Morgan and Karen who have crossed paths a few times now the last in Roebuck Bay. They were the couple going to the open air cinema and had a wonderful night. I sat with them while they had lunch and we chatted about travel and Mongolia. They’re a very cute and cool couple!! They also donated $10 thank you guys and no doubt we’ll be chatting again soon when we cross paths maybe Coral Bay? Ed and Nancy then donated $10 and we gotto chatting about their recent stay at a station 100km south of Port Headland just north of Whim Creek. It’s owned by Sandi and Barry Franklia and it’s only 1km off the main road. They said it was awesome and a real heritage homestead and great facilities. They said to try them for a stay and mention their names so that’s the plan on the other side of Port Headland. It works in well with the days for ks so awesome!!! Ed and Nancy also have a caravan park 200km south of Perth called ‘Australind’ and have invited us to stay. it’s close to the highway by a lake and sounds beautiful in a beautiful corner of the State so that’s definitely us when the time comes. Thank you so much and see you soon xWe should be there around the 7th Oct after our days off in Perth. This young bloke and his girlfriend and another couple at the roadhouse for lunch then handed over $5 each thank you Tony and Gavin and Dora ($5). I’ve just gone through the receipt book and almost forgot about the sweetest couple who pulled up alongside us riding today and stopped to make a donation. They too were from a place south of Perth and were soooo excited and supporting of our ride. They were full of questions and ‘well dones’ and donated $50 with huge hugs from both. What a lovely experience and very generous donation thanks lovely people!!! You gave us a booster shot for the last 50kms. The folk at the roadhouse welcomed us through the door….’hi Maree we know all about you and your fundraising for white ribbon…happy birthday for yesterday and you’re welcome to stay….’ How incredibly cool!!!! The girl behind the counter came round and gave me a huuuge hug. Another couple who we met in Goldfire Rest Area are staying here and gave the staff heads up about us. How lovely was it to be welcomed like that. It was kinda like the reception we got a Banka Banka when Robyn and Terry and Sam had arrived before us and made arrangements with Bob for Rube and I to stay. I popped over before to buy some mints for tomorrow and they gave them to me on the house plus a piece of chocolate cake as a belated birthday treat!!!! Yum it’s been indulged with a coffee double yum with icing and everything 🙂 The roadhouse is really cool with a small plantation of mango trees that has provided a shady afternoon and a huge number of peacocks for amusement. Ive washed the cloths and stinky me so we’re all afresh to tackle tomorrow. Counting up the donations today thats $80 and a total over $1484.35. Time for dinner talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 52 Sandfire Roadhouse

    1. Hey Ron so great to hear from you. I was checking out your brochure later that day and wanted to talk to
      You further about RON’s RIDE and the background. Bugga. Mate please keep in touch and I wish you sage travels, a healthy heart and cool adventures always. Kindest regards Maree

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