Theaussiechallenge Post # 53 Pardoo Roadhouse

Day 62 80 days to go. Distance today 140km total 4789km. It’s 8pm Friday 7/9/12 Pardoo Roadhouse. When the alarm went off this morning I woke to a very windy wind outside and thought mmmmm time for a sleep in yay. Not a big one but it was nice to get up with the sun and another beautiful sunrise. Camped next to us was a fella riding his BMW off roader around Australia in one month. It looks just like the lads in ‘Long Way Round’ and we got talking this morning over morning coffee. He is so excited spending his month’s off work on his adventure. He was telling me about his river crossings in the Bungles like a big kid which always makes me smile. Rube and I got on the road about 8am and that windy wind was at our tails yaaaaaaaay!!!! The whole ride double yaaaaaaaay!!! The scenery was really barren with red red sandy shoulders off the road. Trees were sparse and the ground was mostly shrub height mixed grasses. There were flashes of bright purple wildflowers which looked sensational and the ever present birdlife made the zippy ride a real treat. We were stopped by a couple wanting to make a donation. Talk about darling folk. They had just spent the last months up in Broome as the caretakers for the camping offered in the PCYC grounds. Many of the local facilities that have ground space like the pistol club and showgrounds, take in vanners during the busy tourist months. They make some extra cash and help Broome with the tourist numbers. They invite vanners as volunteer site managers in exchange for free stay in the grounds. Ross and Wayne have 3 mini something pooches and the PCYC and pistol club are the only sites that take pets. Therefore they’re very popular as so many folk travel with their fury babies. Ross loves to cook and each Thursday night she would cook up a 3 course meal. They’d arrange entertainment and sell tickets and over their 7 weeks raised an extra $7000 for the club. No wonder they’ve been invited back the last 3 years running. They checked we had enough water and donated $10 before heading thankyou xx It was 140km to Pardoo Roadhouse and we pulled in just after 1.30pm nice!!!! The folk were happy for us to stay as a freebie and we spent the afternoon doing some have-tos, lazing by the pool and writing. It was as beautiful as the sunset this arv showing off it’s pinks and reds across the wisps of clouds on the horizon. About this time we got a visit from Neil and his wife also staying here. He’s a super keen cyclist and really wants to do some cycle touring. It was really fun talking bike stuff and gear and sharing ideas with another bike nutter. Neil was so excitable full of questions and bouncing ideas it was fun chats and cool to show off our kit. He was goooing over how good Rube looks. Needless to say Neil’s the new crush!!! They donated $20 and I gave them a card to hopefully be in touch. All the best with the tripping and scheming!!! It’s 50kms to Port Headland tomorrow so time for dinner and beddy byes. Cash donations $1514.35 awesome stuff!!!! Talk soon x

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