Theaussiechallenge Post # 59 Minilya

Day 70 72 days to go. Distance today 110km total 5683km. It’s 7.30pm Saturday 15/9/12 Minilya river roadhouse. Today was another windy tough one and despite trying to pull the positives out of the magic hat it all got a little much with about 40km to go. I let out a colorful explicit or two, stopped, parked Rube and sat by the roadside and had a sob. Yes I’ll add that one to the inglorious magic moments of With that out of the system I soaked the head with a bottle of water, straightened myself up, apologized to Rube and had a dose of the best medicine………. Ipod tunes!!!!! So Rube and I bopped to way-to-loud cool music with attitude, the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ soundtrack very nice indeedy, perfect in fact and just what the day needed to power on the last few hours. It still blows me away how the mindset can flipside with a bunch of positive happy hormones. I was just about to peddle off and saw a shadow flash past my feet. It was a red studded gecko who was so well camouflaged against the red stoney ground, all I could see at first glance was his shadow. What a clever little man. Feeling the weight of ‘bla yucky icky poobum’ already lifting, I laughed at my sorry self and headed off. We passed the Tropic of Capricorn sign so we’re pretty much on the other side of the country where we turned left at Rocky on the Capricorn Highway. There’s been some kms in between but I still clearly remember seeing the ‘Westwards’ sign in Rocky and getting a rush of here we go into the outback…very cool!!!! We’re approaching the half way mark also in days and kms so the Tropic of Capricorn sign was a bit of a milestone landmark today. And single figure days to Perth…9 to be precise!!!

We arrived at the roadhouse at 2.30pm so happy to be done with the day’s ride. I met two aboriginal girls traveling back from Oslow and live in Carnarvon. They were super friendly asking me all sorts of questions about the trip and stuff. They’re going to look out for us coming into town tomorrow about 4pm hopefully, and will show us about if we hook up. Cool ladies and they gave us a tip which caravan park to head for when we arrive. I need to do a top up shop and it’ll be nice to get a supermarket fix. The roadhouse has treated us to a powered campsite as a freebie, thankyou Mark you’re a jet and we have enjoyed the afternoon pampering and pottering. The gear’s all fresh and vegies chopped up to now cook a delish dinner of fried rice thanks to Wendy and Patrick last night. Short post tonight as I’m keen to pass out for an early start with the sunrise and 145km to get through. Deep breath…we’re all over it!!!!! I’ve lubed my girl and checked her tyre pressure so we’re full steam ahead in the morn. A wee poem to share that I enjoyed writing this arv. Talk soon x

A woman’s heart is ocean deep
And runs with wild herds
She soars the highest mountain tops
With eagle eyes and wings.

Her heart hunts like a lioness
A mother bear with cubs
Shes loyal to her loving mate
And howls with wolves at night.

Shes just as strong and vulnerable
As mother natures world
So keep her full of life and she
Will keep you wild at heart.

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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.' H D Thoreau

One thought on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 59 Minilya

  1. music to the rescue! Girls, it’s been a momentous day…you’re on the other side of the second half! In 72 days you girls will have done “The Loop”! You’re doing so great..just keep the Ipod close. Keep safe and keep rocking! XXx

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