Theaussiechallenge Post # 60 Carnarvon

Day 71 71 days to go. Distance today 145km total 5828km.It’s 7.30pm Sunday 16/9/12 Carnarvon. Yaaaaaay we’re here on the coast what an effort and sooo haaaappppyyyyy. Only the last 50km today were head windy so we ipoded it and arrived in town about 3.30pm. Brenton and his daughter Emily stopped us along the roadside 80km out of town on their way to holiday for a week in Coral Bay. They offered us to stay in the shed on their plantation about 16km out of town even though they weren’t going to be there. It sounded so beautiful with a resident goat and chickens. We were welcome to eat any ripe bananas, paw paw and limes we found and to make ourselves at home if we liked. What a gorgeous offer and such lovely kind folk. It was a bit out of town with what I wanted to do this arv plus I wanted to have Optus and Telstra access so we thanked them hugely and exchanged details. They sent me a text before checking we arrived safe and sound very cool!!! We ended up finding a caravan park at the junction road with Geraldton which is awesome for the morning. The folk at the caravan park have let us stay as a freebie and the facilities are amazing and super comfy yay. I told them I was heading into town to do a top up shop and they offered me use of their land rover to drive in. Ohhhhh Yeees Pleease!!!!! What a complete treat and indulged in a supermarket fix to grab supplies. Getting back to camp I set up home and have been visited by a handful of folk checking if I needed anything with two donations. Thankyou Robin ($5) and Judy ($50) for your generous help xx Short post tonight as I’m starrrrviiing and hanging out for an early night. So great to be here safe and sound after a long haul and very very very happy with our effort and selves. Rube and I rock clean riding socks yay. Cash donations $1726.85 yay!!! Talk soon x

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3 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 60 Carnarvon

  1. Hey Maree, Morgan and Karen here (met you at Willare Bridge r’house/Broome/Sandfire r’house). You’re tanking it down the west coast – we’re still in Coral Bay! We’ll be in Perth 1st til 14th October so if you’re there then let us know, we’ll buy you a gatorade! Stay safe…..

    1. Hi guys how’s your travels? I hear coral bay is soooo
      Delish so keep soaking up it’s treasures. I’ll be having ten days with family from 25/9 to 5/10 so may miss you in Perth but may see
      You both round the corner literally.
      Stay safe xxxx

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