Theaussiechallenge Post # 65 Moore River

Day 78 64 days to go. Distance today 140km total 6673km. It’s 7.30pm Sunday 23/9/12 Moore River Bridge Rest Area. What a beautiful spot to have our last Rest Area break before our R&R time reaching Perth tomorrow. Rube and I are camped right on the river and set up next to a park bench which I’m sitting at now posting you fine folk. Very civilized!! There’s two other vans set up further back so we’ve got the river to ourselves and loving it. It’s early evening and very chill bill so the grape’s keeping me cosy in the night air. But the weather’s clear albeit cold and we’ve enjoyed awesome blue skies today which has been great. There’s of course the wind that’s made for a long ten hour ride to cover the distance but we chipped through the hills and kms and were all smiles arriving here just before sunset. Being a Sunday there was allot of traffic heading back to Perth on the ocean road but nothing to cause us grief and no road trains awesome awesome. We’ve got Telstra and Optus reception despite feeling in the middle of nowhere so Perth can’t be too far away. I’m not sure exactly and will check when we pass our first road sign tomorrow but I think it’s about 90km ish. So whatever Mother Nature wants to throw at us weather wise, we’ll brave and head off early to get to Perth at a reasonable time to organise Rube. I’m soooo looking forward to a fix of family to recharge the batteries. Both Rube and I are feeling the pinch of WA and it’ll be great to have a break physically and mentally. I threw a few turret tanties today with the inclines and wind combo which is always a tough one after a few hours hard at it. The scenery however was stunning and the WA coastline was showing off in the beautiful sunshine. So were the wildflowers and natives and we stopped heaps of times for photos and to enjoy the delish views. We passed fields of ‘black boys’ which looked spectacular against the backdrop of blue skies, coastline, rolling hills and sand dunes. The wild flowers are something out of a manicured garden and look like they have been meticulously planted and cared for. My Mum would go off sick being an avid gardener. I’ve got lots of pickies Moppy to share with you the flora treasures of this part of the coral coast. Not long now, two sleeps to be exact. Rube’s cheering in the background 🙂 One more day for my girl to work her magic so here’s hoping her bits have one more working day in them into Perth.

Tiss and Gary passed us today coming back from seeing the pinnacles. Tiss said they’re like someone has through down a bunch of rocks that have landed upright. It’s another ‘wow’ factor according to her and Gary and to add to the itinerary next time round. She took a picky of Rube and I and emailed it to me which I’ve forwarded to the fam and will upload in the next gallery. It’s nice to have these sort of action shots to add to the usual self portrait collection. I like Tiss and Gary very much and they’re feeling like old new friends now. We look forward to seeing them again most likely on the Nullabor. They’ve asked me to email them our itinerary so they know where we’ll be and hopefully plan a meet up along the plain very cool!!!!

I was camped next to a couple last night who partied into the wee hours this morning indulging in lots of port and loud chats. Good on ’em for having a good time but not the best to camp beside so I’m pretty tired tonight with zzzzz deprivation. Bed in the quiet rest area is sounding a treat yay. Next post will be from Perth and what an awesome awesome note to end on. We’re so happy with our peddle tripping to date and that each day has found us in the next place safe and sound with a whole bunch of steak knife treats along the way. We’re pretty much half way and so far so bloody good indeedy. A lady said to us when we arrived this evening, ‘you’re doing it the hard way.’ I told her we’re half way around our Aussie challenge and she said, ‘well aren’t you clever!!!!’ Rube and I smiled at each other and reckon she’s right on the money 🙂 Talk soon x

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