Theaussiechallenge Post # 66 Perth

Day 79 65 days to go. Distance today 110km total 6783km. It’s 5.30pm Monday 24/9/12 Perth. PPPPPPEEEEEERRRRRRTHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Yayayaya Rube said to say hi and that she kicks ar$se. Love my girl and yes she does absolutely truly truly!!!!! She’s packed ready for pampering as promised. We danced the last 50km into Perth to our favorite 80s tunes. Rube was humming ‘April sun in Cuba’ while I packed her up for her rest and service. She’s also a little over tired but we’re both incredibly joyous to be here safe and sound and ready for a family fix and pamper. We were stopped by a couple on the highway just outside the city. They’re from Perth and have been traveling the spots as far up as Broome. They have seen us heaps of time during their travels. Seeing us today they just had to stop to find out what we’re up to. Mark and his partner are also into cycling and were totally interesting to talk to during our 30min roadside chats. We spoke about WA folk in general and how they vary across the State according to the industry and area. They said the southwest where we head next are different again being quite alternative and al natural nice nice our scene indeedy. Anyway nice to meet you fine folk and thankyou for your donation. Its been a chill bill day starting early with steam coming off the river. The first half of the ride was through forestry and woodlands. It was beautiful for cycling and easy to pass the kms. We then came into more build up area and traffic but the road was awesome. So we smashed the second half like horses bolting all the while singing our tunes and having a good time of it. If was a cool space and we had some fun which was overdue given we’ve done it tough the last weeks. The girls are all smiles now and looking forward to time out zone. So that’s us offline until the 5/10/2012. Take care and stay tuned to the gallery post I’ll upload over the next days. Don’t go too far away as we’ll be back into it full of vigor and ready to tackle the next 7000km of Theaussiechallenge. Thank you for your support to date. It really counts to capture and share the day with you and I look equally forward to doing it all again in 10 days time. Talk soon x Cash donations $1878.65

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