Theaussiechallenge Post # 77 Ravansthorpe

Day 98 43 days to go. Distance today 165km total 7699km. It’s 7.30pm Saturday 13/10/2012 Ravansthorpe. I was sitting outside before having a coffee and chilling out after arriving late o’clock at Ravansthorpe Caravan Park. I have put their sticker on Rube’s trailer sign and thinking life’s pretty dam fine. It’s been a good day!!! We had a solid side wind for the most part that swung to our tail as the road wound through the semi arid countryside changing to green grain pastures for the last 20km. There were some descent hills but also some very descent descents so we had lots to entertain ourselves during the 165km over the day. Yay us!!!! It was so satisfying to knock out some descent k’s and although we worked hard for it I loved the workout after slogging it slow for the last week. We’re happy girls tonight with good reason. The folk here have shouted us a room so now we’re sitting on the bed squeaky clean and looking forward to dinner and bed in a real bed yayayayayaya. It’s totally basic and totally perfect with a kettle, toaster, stove and TV, all spoiling essentials to make for a big smile 🙂 I can’t remember the manager’s name so I’ll check in the morning, but he’s an endearing quirky man who has equally spoilt many of the other fundraising folk I have heard about in our travels, when they’ve had a stop over in town. He has this tiny dog who’s name I’ve also forgotton but it’s a cross wee breed with a reflective vest so the campers don’t run over her. What a darling little creature and I got pickies with her and dad at reception. She was very brave but trembling keeping a keen eye on dad while I took her picky. Outside the office he has a collection of old toilet bowls now used to pot wildflowers crazy cute stuff. Anyway I like him allot and his generosity was given with a huge thankyou hug in return. We cycled out of Ongerup this morning at early o’clock with a couple of other cycling lads who I met at the campgrounds last night. They’re from Collie east of Brunbury and doing a circuit cycle for a couple of weeks. Steve and Gary are both in their late 50s and love their bikes. They have all the fancy gear and do regular trips to try out new toys and get their regular fix away from the wives and kids. They’ve been mates for years and remind me of the odd couple Felix and Oscar enjoying lots of good natureed bantering while we chatted about gear and travels. Steve gave me a tube of ‘Butt Cream’ which was awesome and got good use today easing the chaffing I’m getting from my cheepy new seat. Apparent;y you get what you pay for so my $40 from Anaconda doesn’t really make the grade compared to their $200 seats. The lads were saying that I need to get my bum bone measurement taken and buy a size and shape that fits that’s not too soft otherwise it chaffs. Mine way too wide and soft so we’re dealing with the cheepy. Ive set it up to work as best as it can so it’ll do for this trip. The butt cream will help but!!!! A perfect and appreciated gift Steve thankyou!!!! It was fun cycling out together this morning all in our reflexives pulling our trailers. The locals were waving us off and we parted ways at the highway junction with the lads heading ack home. While I was packing up this morning I got two more donations from Yulanda ($15) and Fran ($20). I chatted for a while with Yulanda. She is from New Caledonia and runs a domestic violence Shelter there setting it up 15 years ago. She’s traveling around Australia with her husband and may be in Brisbane when we cycle in on the 25/10/2012. So if it works they’ll join our celebrations down on the Sandgate foreshore which will be really cool!!! We had our break at Jeremungup and stopped at the IGA to do a top up shop that should get us through to Port Augusta. While packing up Rube with the supplies we received two more donations from a local farmer Rory ($10) and Jenny ($5) who’s a nurse at the health clinic. A TV dinner is calling as is beddy byes so I’ll finish up there.Cash donations $2245km. Talk soon x

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