Theaussiechallenge Post # 78 Munglinup

Day 99 42 days to go. Distance today 83km total 7782km.It’s 7.30pm Sunday 14/10/2012 Munglinup. I’ve had such a cool afternoon getting in early with a tail wind straight from Mother Natures generous Heart thank you darling Deva !!!!! I stayed up late o’clock last night watching 007 ‘Tomorrow Never Comes.’ Just awesome and that’s from a chickadee who doesn’t watch TV usually!!!! The TV adds were fascinating all targeting the mining and farming workers like ‘We’ll take the worry out of setting up your mine site,’ and ‘Here’s the product that debugs your stock of all ailments in one dip’ and ‘workwear that’ll outlast the harshest of conditions.’ There were even adds about bringing together the mining and farming community – ‘working together to look after our one land’ How incredibly progressive!! Clearly there’s a different TV audience in this corner of the country. So when the alarm went off at ‘far too early’ am, I questioned my need to indulge in Pearce Brosnan. But after a couple of coffees we were packed and heading with a thank you note left under the office door. The ride was superb assisted by a tailwind delish that got us up and down the roller coaster road and big fun speed. Especially those declines!!!! We even had to feather the brakes a couple of times. Only a little but just to keep on safe side of serious some big fun. Going with the wind, it was easy to forget just how strong it was until we stopped for a coffee and were blown over literally when I tried to park Rube. She wasn’t impressed so I inhaled the fix and did the next 40kms with the ‘Kings of Leon’ also on full throttle. Happy girls!!! We were all smiles arriving in this tiny tiny dot town. It’s home to a roadhouse and a few houses and the best free rest area we’ve come across so far in WA. It has a hot shower for $2, drinking water, a BBQ area and heaps of shade to park or camp. There’s no stops now until Gibson on the Esperance Highway. This is the road north to Norseman and the start of the Nullabor. Look out!!!! The Gibson Rd connects us to the road heading north bypassing Esperance. It’s another 80km to the turn off then 20km to Gibson and another 50km to Grass Patch Campgrounds where we’ll aim for tomorrow night. Totally weather dependent of course so we’ll water up in the morning for plan B if we have to stop before then. It’s suppose to be rainy tomorrow so we’ll see how the day goes. I have checked the road conditions with the folk at the roadhouse between here and there and all good. We’ll just have to see if Mother N likes Mondays and take it from there 🙂 I have met very big fun and cheeky couple Kerry and Nick from Sydney doing a loop run to Perth. Their full of good natured bad manners and naughtiness and I’ve loved their company this arv. We have shared a lunch of steak and eggs (minus the steak) and pawed over maps and itineraries from here to Brisbane. Nick then cooked up a storm of pancakes and maple syrup spectacular spectacular!!! I couldn’t believe it when I routinely checked for Telstra and Optus service expecting non for such a small place but there’s Optus reception of all things. I’ve been able to check emails and upload the posts from the last days. I’m deliriously weary with a very happy tummy. It’s now off to bed for this quaky duck and an early night of sweet Zs. Today’s been a big fun day of it that’s been savored to the max. Lets see what tomorrow brings! I like not knowing yay. Talk soon x

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One thought on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 78 Munglinup

  1. You are an amazing lady, i wish you all the best from now on, have been following your progress for a while now, so so fantastic, White ribbon is an amazingly fab organization , I hope you and Rube have safe and happy travels
    to Briz and maybe we will get to meet you on White Ribbon Day….cheers Ricky Lynch (mrs)

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