Theaussiechallenge Post # 80 Norseman

Day 101 40 days to go. Distance today 127km total 8069. It’s 8pm Tuesday 16/10/2012 Norsman. So we’re finally here at Norseman and start tomorrow into the Nullabor how incredibly exciting and a little bit nervous to see what this very long stretch has in stall for us. Look out!!!!!! We arived at 4pm this arv after a bit of harder ride this second half of the Esperance highway with a slow incline and slight headwind. But I’ve been told that it’s downhill and a tail wind if one pops up so we’ve got our fingers and spokes crossed that it’s a good run. It’ll be about 6 or 7 days to Eucia just before the WA and SA border. Then 10 days-ish to Port Augusta with internet access unlikely until then. This means a huuuuuge wod of posts coming your way when we do finally get access and what I hope will be awesome reading ontop of a big adventure ahead for me and Rube in the next 2 weeks. We had to buy a few more things at the Norseman IGA then found the campgrounds where ‘Mark’ the manager was happy for us to stay as a freebie even before I got the spiel out. He even donated $20 thank you!!!! We still have some things to organise tonight after chatting to my partner and checking emails. So it’s a short post to get done what we have to, shower squeeky clean, feed the starvs and crash for some serious zzzzz’s and an early start for our first day of 166kms. We’re aiming for the rest area on the other side of Balladonia roadhouse where we’ll water up for overnight and the next day. I’m off to do our thing and very excited I must say. Wish us luck!!!! Cash donations $2265km. Talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 80 Norseman

  1. I’m sure your emu from the coast is waiting to share the Nullabor experience for another fun run! Safe travel across. And thinking of you Ree, Ruby, The Grape and Buddy and all those stars! Love the Tandls

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