Theaussiechallenge Post # 81 Ten Mile Rocks

Day 102 39 days to go. Distance today 80km total 8149km. It’s 7pm Wednesday 17/10/2012 Ten Mile Rocks Rest Area. We’ve met the most beautiful couple here in the rest area and spent hours chatting away the afternoon just awesome !!!! Their names are Jo and Angie from Melbourne. They immigrated from Ireland 40 years ago and still have accents warranting serious attention so not to miss any of their wonderful cheek. I love it!!! They have known each other since they were sixteen and grew up in a small country town where girls wore dresses and tradition was law. But they are adventurers and love cycling. Jo made Angie a bike when they were young and she used to sneak out in a frock then change into ‘shorts’ OMG rebel to go riding with her man. Their sons and grandchildren are also right into competitive cycling doing time trials. Their 16 grandson is the Australian champion for his age. They’ve spent 6 months up in Broome visiting their son who lives there and love life on the road enjoying Australia with all its little big treasures and the people they meet along the way. They are sooo people orientated and Angie has always worked in care with mentally ill folk mostly. They both have huge hearts of gold and have been an absolute treat to meet and talk with. Angie had a brain injury some time ago and had to relearn to walk and talk and in 9 months is pretty much her usual self again bar some short term memory challenges. She works as a volunteer with St Vincent’s de Paul and loves to second hand shop which drives Jo nutty. Not really they are still so clearly in love and ooooze fun and genuine care for others. They don’t carry extra cash while traveling but want to make a donation so I gave them Mum and dad’s address to send a cheque when they get home in about 2 weeks. One of the many many choice folk I have met in our travels and this is the best part by far in what we’re doing. We hit the Nullabor today along with lots of rain that blew across from the inland. The sky looked cranky but wonderful against the colors of the bush. The soil is that rich outback red but the flora is unique. There’s low lying native bushes that are deep green but with silver frosted tops. Then theres mixed layers of eucalypts with burnt orange gnarled trunks. The color combination is wonderful and the smell particularly with the rain was bushland scents at its best. It wasn’t heavy just constant and quite dark in the overcast. So Rube got her lights christened that were recent pressies from Mum and Dad and did the visibility trick perfectly today darlings thank you thank you!!! We were later setting off this morning as I gotto talking to sisters in the camp kitchen. They are from Armadale and traveling Australia together with their husbands. We talked about all sorts from travel to domestic violence. They shared a cheekiness and are clearly having a wonderful trip sharing the adventure together. One had a 10month mini foxi jack russell cross called ‘Misha’ which is Croatian for ‘little mouse’ and she was beeeeautifuuul !!!! All the while Misha was running up to passer by campers saying hello in exchange for scratches and cuddles. I could have bundled her up but she was Mummy’s girl bigtime and loves life on the road with her pack. Dogs are awesome!!!! The rain was still persistent with a head wind not too tricky but made for a chilly slow ride than anticipated. We were never going to make it to Balladonia roadhouse as hoped, so when we passed this rest area it was time to stop and get into some dry gear. The heavy sky blew itself out over the ocean and the dark horizon looked awesome as the sun poked out and cleared to blue skies. So we’ve managed to dry the gear which is great and meet amazing folk better still. The flies also came out with the sun in numbers only seen to be believed. My head net is my new favorite accessory and compliments the dodgy camo cap ala perfecto. We’ll adjust the kms tomorrow as we do and might even score that tail wind I’ve heard so much about. For now it’s time for dinner and zzz’s. I was tired today probably an accumulation of the last weeks so an earlier day was welcomed. I’m sure the farmers were doing nudie dances in the rain. Rube wanted to do a nudie run in the rest area in their honor but had no clothes to take off. She’s so naughty god bless her dirty chrome bits!!! I’ll end tonight with a couple of snippets from emails I checked in Noresman. Great to hear from everyone thank you xxxxx A wonderful intro to the Nullabor today despite the weather. That’s what the gortex is for. Thea and Graham it kept us safe and cosy and you guys rock as it’s also one of my fav bit of kit knowing there will be more rain in the ks to come. Talk soon x

‘love you blogs Maree. Dunno how you keep so bright and cherry after each long day. You are an inspiration to all your followers. Bruce (The fella we went to the Bungles with). Note: Bruce doesn’t see all those inglorious moments in the day which are less said the best LOL 🙂

Go well girls ….may you have tail winds to help you along the way….enjoy the ride…..go well….keep safe…this will be one big “bite” out of the challenge……get the pun????????? Janet (Sister)

‘…..So glad things are going along well for you except for the hills & headwinds. Wow you certainly are rolling along with the kilometres long behind you. YOU ARE AMAZING. Still in awe of you. You just keep going. So glad you,ve been enjoying our spectacular south-west. And now for the big one the NULLABOR Good Luck it should be awesome! We mean it. Be thinking of you along the way. Heh have you got someone travelling with you as we,ve noticed “we” mentioned but weren,t sure if you meant Rube!!? …… Life back in Geraldton is going well but still I yearn to be back on the road. When I,m dusting, washing floors vacuuming I think heh this isn,t that hard in the caravan!…… Love Sue & John’ (The folk we met just before the WA/NT border and stayed with in Geraldton).

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