Theaussiechallenge Post # 82 West of Caiguna

Day 103 38 days to go. Distance today 150km total 8299km. It’s 7pm Thursday 18/10/2012 Rest Area 147km west of Caiguna. We have a clear night sky of stars and a crescent moon smiling this evening along with a wicked wind coming in from the coast. It came up about 20kms back at the emergency landing strip of road for the Royal Flying Doctors Service where we had stopped for some pickies. We had our break at Balladonia 110kms into the day. There were a whole bunch of vanners stopped there as its one of the few roadhouses along this stretch of the Nullabor. There were also about 200 Outlaw motor cycle fellas on route from Tasmania to Perth for some event. I met some very cool folk all wanting a chat and ended up staying for 2 hours enjoying the contact and conversations. Earlier on in the day we were passed by Tish and Gary which was awesome seeing them again and they were heading onto the rest area where we had hoped to get to tonight. Unfortunately the tail wind that sprung up in Balladonia was short lived and what I thought was going to be a very fast 50kms to the rest area ended up being a slog-a-thon. We ran out of light 17km short where we passed a small rest area where a van of folk were stopped happy happy days!!!!!! I pulled in and asked if we could grab some water from them which they kindly provided so that’s where we’ve set up camp. It’s a beautiful spot and Ive pitched Buddy in a protected possie tying him down with the bungies and rocks for the windy night ahead. It’s a bit of a bugga not getting through to Tish and Gary as I would have liked a catch up session with them this evening. But we’re safe and cosey here and have landed on our feet in the unexpected conditions. Today stayed beautiful clear skies into the evening tonight which is awesome. We were waved off by Jo and Angie and got a photo to remember these fine folk. Jo’s been all motivated to get his bicycle out again which is great. As it turns out he stopped riding a couple years back when Angie had a stroke to make time to help in her recovery. He’s just turned 70 and looks amazing and is keen again to get back in the saddle after talking bikes with us and stirring the bug again. Good luck mate getting back onboard and enjoy those happy hormones. Endorphins are the best!!!!!! The scenery has changed a few times today from sparse low lying shrubs to red soil and natives. It’s now very open plains since the airstrip and we passed the sign that marked the point for the longest straight stretch of road in Australia at 145.6km called ’90 Mile Straight.’ So I don’t imagine there will be too many twists and turns tomorrow 🙂 It’s more undulating then what I can pictured but the road conditions are awesome and good for peddling on. We passed out first wedge tail eagle today in flight with his wings and wedge stretched out riding the currents. What an amazing sight. He didn’t hang around long enough to get a picky but hopefully I’ll get another chance as they are common on Eyre Highway feeding on the roadkill. I met a very cool couple in Balladonia Bruce and Angela who are from Capalaba, Brisbane and on a 4 week trip on their huuuge crusing motor cycle. They too love Australia and I loved our chats over coffee and lunch. They have both just retired and this trip is their time out to digest the change which is huge for them being ex corporate workers. They have two small fluffy pooches who are their babies called Coco and Channel and they were showing me photos soo very cute and clearly their pride and joys. They are currently at a five star pet resort also on holidays while Mum and Dad enjoy their time out travels. I gave them my blog details and hopefully will hear from them again. They very generously donated $50 which was awesome and I got a picky for keeps sake yay. I met another lovely couple Mick and Kerry who are from a town along the Hume highway I can’t remember the name. Kerry, up to recent times worked as part of an integrated DV Response team in the community sector in town and we spoke for ages about the challenges of collaborative interventions and the White Ribbon Foundation. She has invited me to visit when we cycle through and has given me her details to make contact when we’re closer which is fabulous. I look forward to seeing them again and talking further. They have seen Rube and I about 6 times since Katherine and finally had the chance today in Balladonia to come up and introduce themselves. I’m so glad they did!! Tomorrow we’ll aim for Chuguna. For now it’s time for dinner and beddy byes out of the wind all cosey in Buddy yay. Cash donations $2315. Talk soon x

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