Theaussiechallenge Post # 89 Ceduna

Day 112 29 days to go. Distance today 125km total 10217km. It’s 9pm Saturday 27/10/2012 Ceduna. It’s so late o’clock arriving 6pm, washing me and the gear, setting up camp and chatting to the folks. It’s such a huge relief to arrive finally to what’s the official end of the Nullabor. The road popped out on the coastline overlooking Ceduna and Rube and I shed tears together I think out of sheer relief with a good dose of exhaustion. It took us 10hours to cycle the 125km but were totally fixed and focused on getting here and it needed all of that and then some with a full on heady wind and hills all day. I listened to the the 3 Twighlight soundtracks very cool tunes and great distraction. We took some milestone pickies on our way into town then found a foodstore to do a top up shop which was great. The first caravan park didn’t want to know us but then we found another which is one of the ‘Big4’ chains and the folk couldn’t be more welcoming and supportive. Their facilities are just awesome much like where we stayed at Albany. It’s otherwise $30 for an unpowered site so their generous offer for us to camp as a freebie was totally appreciated thankyou thankyou Caroline what an awesome way to end what’s been an amazing but tricky bunch of days eastwards. We won’t arrive in Port Augusta until the 31/10 but I feel like I can look forward now with a huge sense of achievement and momentum to touch the Melbourne coast then Hume it to Sydney and home. It’s unfortunately another quicky post tonight as the camp kitchen closes at 9.30pm and I want to use the facilities to feed the starvs toast and butter yuuuuuuuuuummmmmmyyyyyy!!!! Latest craving when I can get access to a toaster. We have Telstra and Optus access in Ceduna as it’s a decent size dot town so I’ll get this and the other posts uploaded tonight very cool indeedy. Our treat for getting through this stage is to sleep in without the alarm being set in the morning huuuge treat. I don’t have to be out until 10am so that still gives us heaps of time to get underway and do a chunk of kms off the distance to Port A. I must say fine fine folk from me and Rube, it’s pretty dam fine special fabuloso to arrive here safe and sound with a whole bunch of sweat and tears and smiles. Its been the most significant, interesting and challenging experience doing this stretch of the country. I can say that now with the Nullabor behind us without the other choice words we’ve used to describe it at times 🙂 Talk soon x

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One thought on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 89 Ceduna

  1. Hi from Tish & Gary, glad to see got across the Nullabour okay we did worry.On the Yorke Penusular at the moment. Hope to run into you agin soon.

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