Theaussiechallenge Post # 90 Wirrula

Day 113 28 days to go. Distance today 95km total 10312km. It’s 7pm Sunday 28/10/2012 Wirrula. Ceduna was such a great break for us even though it wasn’t a rest day, Rube and I slept in this morning waking up with a relaxed morning coffee, stretch and scratch, as opposed to full throttle on at dawn. The difference to turn off for one morning is huge and I told the folk so before leaving. The managers, Caroline and Kirk are really interesting people. They are from Zimbabwe and immigrated to Australia 12 years ago settling in Buderim Qld. They actually wanted to live in Maleny our home town, but it was too hard to manage the logistics with school and the kids. We certainly know that when my Nephew Christopher stayed with us for a gap year hey Mate?xx They bought into the Big4 caravan park and do a one month on/off with shared business partners I’m assuming. On their month off they travel back to Buderim which they call their other home. They love this corner of the country, the small country town feel but still with services and beaches. It also is their gateway to the Nullabor and other attractions as they are drawn to deserts and the country’s wilder places. Kirk is a challenge nut like myself and has walked with his son from Perth to Adelaide. He has also ran the Sahara marathon which I have read about and it is hard core hard. Now that’s a serious extremist I love it!!!!!!!!! We were talking about the special parts of the mind, body and soul that get a good character shake up and learning curve when put to a pointy test. It was really cool for me to share this stuff with lots of nodding and wry smiles. I was telling them that right now I feel like a kid’s favorite cuddle comforter, like a teddy bear with the stuffing pulled out in places, an eye missing, sewn patches all over and pulled out of shape, but still wearing ‘that’ smile and loved to the max. 🙂 I have invited Caroline and Kirk to keep in touch and given them my details so I hope to hear from you dam fine folk down the track. Meanwhile I hope you continue to follow our adventure and know what a difference you made to our spirits when the Nullabor spat us out in Ceduna xx It was midday when we finally got on the road for our Sunday afternoon ride. And it was delish. Still tricky with lots of inland side winds but the temp was comfy and the road had an awesome roll to keep the momentum going. This makes such a difference being able to spin the hills, extra windy bits, and truck gusts. It felt good to give the legs a good turnover and we knocked out the kms to Wirrula by 5pm. There are a few rest area options further down the road but this tiny dot town has a grassed area and parking bay they invite vanners to stay at a donation to use the hot showers. I checked with the local store if we could pitch our tent without upsetting anyone. They couldn’t care less and said go for it so that’s us for the night with access to the park’s toilets and rain water tank awesome. With daylight saving, the sun’s only just thinking about setting now at 7.30pm. Weird for a Queenslander but I like it allot. It also means we can have some later finishes if needed over the next 28 days or at least before Qld. Daylight saving’s an odd thing. It’s not as if mother nature changes crossing the border but our clocks do. At least on the walls, my body clock is a little slower but that sums me up, a bit slow on the uptake but once I get it I’m good!!!! Rube’s laughing !!!! That’s enough from you my coolest partner in crime. She looked great today against the landscape when I stopped at a particularly delish part to get some pickies. The scenery was spectacular, blue huge skies with cloud streaked high and white with the odd tuffs to add a different line. Nature’s one beautiful perfect design isn’t it!!! Then there were continuous fields of yellow wheat with flowering heads waving us by in the wind. The road was sealed in a redish tarmac so the contrasts were stunning. As we neared Wirrula two huuuge white wheat silos appeared on the horizon and were a growing feature coming closer to town. Ironically that’s where we’re camped next to. I snuck out for some pickies just before at sunset which is at 7.45pm for interest sake. I’ve just checked the pickies for the last days and there’s some real awesome ones amongst the selection. I’m not sure when I’ll get the opportunity to upload another gallery but we’ll see!!! I’m thinking about dinner soon and beddy byes for an early start again in the morn. I’m actually looking forward to it and got a bit of a zing back into the peddling after today’s ride which is a nice feeling indeed. I was able to check emails in Ceduna and particularly loved this one from my big sister Kittie. It was also my nephew Evan’s birthday recently and Janet sent the best birthday party photos thank you love. Evan reckoned it was a ’10 1/2 out of 10 birthday.’ I can so see Janet and Marcus smiling satisfied awesome big tick super parents!!!! Talk soon x

“Dear Maree, I`m in awe reading about your last couple of weeks – breathtaking in all senses of the word 🙂 You`ve achieved so much, really pushing yourself to the max. I don`t know how you do it but your blogs are soooooooo upbeat it`s an absolute treat sharing your day!!!!! I`ve so been missing your blogs – you`re back online – Yeahhhhh!!!!! Have just finished blog 88- just had to touch base before continuing. Katie x”

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