Theaussiechallenge Post # 99 Kiata Victoria

Day 122 19 days to go. Distance today 135km total 11 382km. It’s 7.30pm Tuesday 6/11/2012 Kiata. It turned out a stunning day today after a very wild and rainy night in keith. This morning everything was covered in orange myrtle blossom which I had tucked Buddy under to get some protection from the weather. The boy was definitely in touch with his feminine side and Rube and I shared giggles as we dried and dusted the yellow blossom bits off the boy. I’m still dusting orange blossom off our camp gear tonight with a smile. We pulled up stumps at a tiny tiny tiny dot town called Kiata about 60km west of Horsham. There’s nothing much in the town bar a rest area, wheat silos and the cutest of pubs called the ‘Little Desert Hotel’. I popped inside to check where I could camp for the night and found about a dozen local farming folk dressed in their springtime carnival best enjoying Melbourne Cup day. I think they were a bit surprised to see me walk in but quickly warmed and chatted about their day and our cycle tripping. They were all very merry and still enjoying a champagne or ten to toast what is a public holiday in Victoria. Hence the road was really quiet today which was awesome and made for a fabulous ride and Sunday feel to the country roads. We stopped at 3 cute towns, firstly Bordertown still in SA, then Kaniva and Nhill in Victoria. They were very heritage and kept beautifully with flowering trees and manicured gardens. All very springtime and with a country festival feel. The locals I met had a friendly charm and seemed very town proud and welcoming. They were very blown away with how far we have travelled and couldn’t quite digest the concept of cycling that distance. They agreed we were a bit nuts and they’re probably right at this stage of our travels 🙂 I stopped in at the Information centre in Nhill to ask if I could fill my water bottles and the lady there was very glam and a little Tom snobberish. The whites of her eyes when she saw me walk in, were bigger than the emu I frightened on the roadside and I couldn’t help but giggle out loud at her reaction. But she was happy to help albeit happier to see the back of my reflective vest out her shop door. I suspect she was a little conservative so at least we added some color to her otherwise beige day and something out of the ordinary to discuss around the dinner table. The pub owners have let me camp in the back paddock which is awesome and a tucked away spot to enjoy the chilly evening. The grape is back on tonight despite the gigantor ants and mozzies trying to lift him off me. Dye trying guys…. the grape is part of the sacred kit and I’ll protect it swinging if I must. I had a quick looky at the motor way situation on the Western highway into Melborne, and on the Hume and A1. There’s allot of green motorway sections far too many for my keeness to continue on that route. So I think I’m going to opt for the country A roads through Victoria, NSW and Qld. This’ll mean less kms which gives us a chance to enjoy as many stops as we want to savor the scenery and take lots of pickies. Doing less Kms also means I can start cutting down on the carbs and deal with the crazy withdrawals ‘on the road’ as opposed to at home. That’s something that’s probably best dealt with in the company of Rubes and not the beloved family. We can easily add the experience to our inglorious list I like it!!! Best of all less kms means I can get up when I wake and put an end to the morning fights with the alarm. This is awesome!!!! Tomorrow morning we should arrive in Horsham later morning and hanging out to spend some qual time with qual folk. See you soon P&P. I also emailed Bertha the mexican lady to find out how she’s travelling and faring after the Nullabor. So far I haven’t heard anything back so hopefully she’s ok and got her sights set on Sydney. Huge achievement girl and not far now!!! I’ll share an email I got from Katie to end the post tonight. Time for dinner and zzzz’s all cosy on this chill bill but very clear and stary first night in country Vic. Talk soon x

“Dearest Re, Sounds like Mother Nature is enjoying getting a mention on your blogs and going all out to show off her multi-faceted personality 🙂 She`s on your side just the same!!!!!! 19 sleeps to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO”

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