Theaussiechallenge Post # 100 St Arnaud

Day 124 17 days to go. Distance today 110km total 11492km. It’s 9pm Thursday 8/11/2012 St Arnaud. Rube and I have found the best Bush Camp just outside of St Arnaud after what has been the most awesome, beautiful, delish, bestest company everest 24hours in Horsham. Peter and Phyllis spoilt me 101 and then some, and I have soaked up their beautiful company and conversation since arriving midday Wednesday. Phyllis came out to the road into Horsham and was parked about 10km out to welcome Rube and I into town. Rube let out the biggest squeal when she saw it was Phyllis and i followed suit. We had big roadside cuddles and pickies then I peddled the rest of the kms all smiles and Peter met me on his bike at the first set of lights to lead us to their place. The chat chat chats started then and didn’t stop pretty much ’til they waved us off after lunchtime today. I also got to meet Peter’s daughter Bec. She’s 20 and the coolest chickadee and is an inspiration to me with how she lives life to the fullest despite some health challenges. Bec’s also fabulous company and has a heart of gold as does her family and we’ve enjoyed heaps of cuppas and wonderful wonderful time spent. I have loved getting to know these folk and they’re so worth getting to know. Phyllis works at the local radio station and we even did an interview in the studio yesterday arv which was received really well by local listeners calling in to say it was awesome yay!!!!! I was able to talk about Theaussiechallenge and give white ribbon a huge plug plus share some fav stories and highlights. We’re going to do a follow up interview via the phone when I arrive back home so that’s super awesome and we’re both really excited about that after this one went so well yay!!! Afterwards we all went out to dinner at the local RSL and continued chatting in between mouthfuls of delish homestyle tucker. On the way home, we dropped into friends of there’s who are very much into camping an cycling and more fabulous company with really interesting folk, big giggles and chats to late o’clock. I was a huge smile with legs tucking myself into bed last night and slept like a contented baby until 8.30am this morning. Peter treated me to coffee and toast and we picked up the conversation where we left it over breaky until Phylis had to go to work. Meanwhile Peter and I pawed over maps and sorted a route home combining ideas from emails I have received (Thanks Jenny and Pops xx). Bec came over again and Phylis arrived home from work and they all waved us off all smiles and sooooo happy with our time together. “’til next time fine fine fine folk.” I have onboard a huge bag of Hedgehog slices yum homemade by Phyliss and the left overs of a box of chockies they had sitting on my bed welcoming me to their home. Phyliss has also given me a hand made cup cover to keep the bugs out of my cuppas during our bush camping nights. Thank you darling woman xxxxxxxx Needless to say the spirits are up and I rode on those wonderful warm and fuzzies through awesome farming land from Horsham to St Arnaud. I still have both Optus and Telstra reception so was able to have chats with the folks this evening which was great. Mum had the best news about the Melbourne Cup. She was inspired by our ‘Stairway to the Moon’ from Broome and picked Green moon coming up trumps and scoring $29.90 for her dollar each way. Mum has put the winnings aside to go towards our fundraising which is just the bestest thank you Mops. xxxxxxxxx I also got an email from Jenny ‘the scramble egg lady’ as she calls herself. We met Jenny and her hubby way back in Duringa. They are from south of Adelaide and she has kept email contact following our blog since. You’re such a caring and fun lady Jenny, so supportive for Rube and I and thank you for keeping in touch and for your tips along our travels. I’ll finish up tonight with a copy of her last email. Talks soon x
“I was thinking of you out in that storm last night, it was the worst we have seen. I was looking back on photos of our trip to Qld and noted that we met you on 17th July, and wow what a fantastic trip you have since had, so enjoy reading your blogs and how you describe our great country. Have safe and happy travels on your homeward run. Cheers Jenny”

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