Theaussiechallenge Post # 103 Tocumwal

Day 127 14 days to go. Distance today 90km total 11812. It’s 9pm Sunday 11/11/2012 Murray River Tocumwal. OK so let me share this spot with you because it’s a bit sharable and delish indeedy!!!! We’re camped along the Murray just a few kms before Tocumwal. There’s noone about just the crazy crew and an abundance of River life. There’s koalas nearby shagging their fury ears off making that exceptionally bad grunting growly sound but awesome to know their prolific in these parts. Ducks and water fowl are busy sorting their evening choirs and having a quack about it over dinner time. Magpies and Galas are roosted along the river bank still singing their evening song and squarks with beep beep birds and swallows joining in for their say. They’re quieting down now after enjoying a dusk feed in flocks swooping above the water line filling their bellies with bugs. There’s a constant ‘bloop bloop’ in the water with underewater life also busy down there and breaking the surface catching their fair share of bugs sitting on the water surface. There’s a growing chill bill air moving gently but it’s stunningly fresh. The sky is now deep blue with the stars growing in numbers and welcoming us to their playground of delights. I’m sooo happy to be here and breathing in the enticing smells of water and eucalyptus. I know I’m not doing it justice but know it’s a beautiful corner of the world we’re sitting in right now and how special it is for me to experience and share with you. I love continuing to share our adventure. There’s surprises in the everyday and this is one pointy perfect one to add to the list. I hadn’t planned to stay here but was late leaving Shepparton as I gotto chatting with Sonya, Greg’s neighbor’s daughter who lives there with Cheryl along with her two boys. She’s 40 years old and 3 years separated from her partner but tackling life head on maintaining a beautiful balance and outlook amongst the challenge of being a single working and studying mum . She’s on my list of inspirations which has grown in quality numbers during this trip. We chatted for about 3 hours about lifelong learning and facilitating change in the workplace. Sonya and I share a love for some fundamental principles in life and it was an interesting and wonderful experience talking with her about some of this stuff. Greg had said to her that we would get on if ever we met and he was pretty spot on indeed. We’ve exchanged details and I know will be in touch as our own challenges and adventures continue. ‘See you in Brisbane’ was her parting words and I so hope that’s the case and how genuine that invite is to sonya, Cheryl and greg if ever you’re in our part of the world. Our home is yours as you have opened yours to me. Sooooo special and sooo right back at you loving that I have met and crossed paths with such beautiful hearts and souls. Jetstar folk indeed and I’m richer for meeting you!!!!!! The ride here was headwind hard with a feisty northerly keeping the legs challenged for the 90kms. Aparently it’s the usual this time of year coming into summer but honestly it’s not bothering Rube and I so much nowadays and we’re more resigned to just chip away at it. There’s a constant beautiful scenery and towns to break up the slog which is a far cry from the remote Nullabor straights of the same. So all good!!! Plus 14 sleeps to home has a special pull and momentum to keep the positives up and smiling. I had to laugh this morning when I was packing up our gear and Brown dog who had been washed with my blue towel, had flecks of blue tints in his fur. Poor bugga. Rube smashed him saying he had a ‘blue rinse in his hair.’ So it was on between them and they had their first tiff. I’m glad they got that out of their systems as it’s all buddies now and ‘love you man!!!’ Awesome…. the crazy crew are tight and ready for tomorrow. Time for dinner and bedtime under the Murray stars which are now brilliant and at their twinkling best. The crickets have woken up and busy rubbing their legs as are the frogs by the riverside. A beautiful beautiful night. But definitely time for the grape brrrrrrrrrrrr. Talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 103 Tocumwal

  1. Such a beautiful spot to camp, sit and soak it all up…… there’s been such beautiful small towns, cultivated and intimate landscapes since the Flinder’s Rangers. I’m loving this part of Australia too! 2 weeks girls and look at all those kms!!! Keep safe XXx

  2. Hey MF

    What a coincidence you are at ‘Toke’. My families family used to own most of Tocumwal – NSW that is. It’s near Forster on your way north.

    I’m following some guys on instagram at the moment riding from Adelaide to Sydney – ‘raphagentsride’ not sure what route but it looks inspiring – maybe one day for mummy n I. Particularly since her huge effort yesterday – see attached pic. She has a foot injury, can’t run so we bought a little ruby, well a Scott actually. She trained for three weeks and yesterday competed in a 6 hr MTB race in briz.

    She got second solo female – what can I say she never ceases to amaze me n I’m stoked for her. U can see her look of amazement.

    Hey now, my tummys looking good but will make a call close to 25/11 re ride in to bris.

    Re WRD. I’ve spoken to the cops at plaza beat n I plan in the days leading up to 25/11 to go around each shop n plaza generally n get a heap if signatures on the oath.

    What do you think how I should do it? Can I somehow get them linked to you to benefit your figures? I was thinking electronically as in the netpop so an iPad would be good. Maybe free wifi from plaza-hmmmmm?

    Let me know super chick legend.

    You know I still am utterly amazed at your ride. AROUND AUSTRALIA! FUCKING HELL!

    How hard are you MF. I bet ur tans cool. I’m reading blogs every week when I get the chance so I know where n how you are. Love the pics the best though

    Told tylana the other night that I reckon you made a bet with someone that every photo would have you smiling – you haven’t disappointed!

    Once again I am so very proud n stoked to know you n follow your achievements. You are an inspiration MF n I hope our kids see that when I talk of your Herculean journey (did I mention jealous).

    All our love n see you soon. Let me know about WRD.


    Cheers Scott

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