Theaussiechallenge Post # 104 Rest Area 40km south of Narrangera

Day 128 13 days to go. Distance today 122km total 11934km. It’s 6.30pm Monday 12/11/2012 Rest Area 40km south of Narrangera. Tricky tricky day today for us but we made it to our plan B rest area bout 6pm yayyayayayayayay Right up there with the one hand hardies with a headwind northerly as we peddled the Newell highway. Mother nature definitely had a bad hair Monday poor love so I’m hoping her moods better tomorrow but we’ll see. She continues to teach me tolerance that’s for sure!!!The highways good so far as far as traffic and shoulders so it all helps and did so to get us here very chuffed with the effort yay us. Before I get into the post I got an email from my sister Janet and she’s desiignned a logo for Theaussiechallenge which is just awesome. Her hubby Marcus has attached it to last nights post so check it out it’s pretty smick moo she’s one clever sfessie and we’re spoilt rotton thx Janny Love and for the beautiful email which I have enclosed below to share it with followers. You have been and continue to be such a support sooo many thanyous for the amazing logo and your love. Love ya right back!!!!! It’s so weird being in the middle of nowhere or at least feeling like it and having the best reception. Ive just got off the phone talking to the fam. I love our chats, they’re such a great moral boost and perfect to end a crapola day. But this time of night is my fav. It’s now just after dusk o’clock and the sunset was delish highlighting across the grasses and fields. There are sheep in the nearby paddock and they’re having the best chats amongst themselves which sounds so great. This is very much sheep and cattle country with the landscape becoming more open stretches perfect for grazing. Most flocks of sheep have a lama amongst them and my thoughts go to something Ive read that they’re great watch dogs keeping the foxes and wild dogs at bay. Has anyone else heard this???? Anyway their long necks and little heads stick up and check us out along with the rest of the herd as we’ve passed during our travels. The open grass plains means lots of tumble weeds and they have been blowing in mass numbers across the road. It was such a sight I stopped and got a video of it as it highlighted just how wild the day was across the open plains. The tumbleweeds kept getting caught up in Rube’s spokes and she was calling them all sorts of special words until I’d stopped and clear her wheels of the ting ting noise. Poor darling, she worked so hard today as she does everyday and continues to come up trumps with her mechanics. She’s got a few clunks starting which I’ll keep an eye on but have given her a well earnt oil and pamper tonight so she’s happy with her bits running as smooth as they can with so many miles under her belt. Over dusk I was sitting enjoying the wildlife all so active and wonderful spectator sport. Eagles were swooping the fields for prey and magpies were singing their beautiful song. There are an abundance of tiny rabbits all nibbling on the grass, then they get startled and their little white bottoms scamper off temporarily until they nose themselves out again and continue their nibbling. Soooo cute. It’s getting onto 9pm now, the winds easing off and perfect time to cook up the last of the eggs for dinner. It’s a starry clear night but balmy after a pretty hot day in the late 30s with the hot wind. Hopefully I’ll spot some more shooting stars. Evan I spotted three last night before bed and they always make me think of you little mate. Talk soon x

“Hi my darling sister, 2 weeks!!! Isn’t this just mind blowing after 127 days of sitting in the saddle. I have just loved, since the Flinder’s Rangers, your descriptions about and connection to the landscape, people and animals of Australia as you peddle on towards home. And another border crossing! I can remember when I lived in Sydney we called it “crossing the border” just when we crossed the main street out of Balmain! And look, this is your 4th real border crossing in the last 2 weeks on Ruby…you girls are just so disciplined!! The weather has been so cold and rainy and grey here in Wasserburg…not alot of enthusiasm for a daily run! But I think of you both and it’s like: “Janet, if Ree can cycle in hell conditions, not for an hour, but for at least 9……get your butt out that door! Thanks! As everyone writes you: “you are an inspiration”! And sport is always a big push on the “don’t you just feel so much better” button.
It’s all such a coincidence…there’s where you are tonight, Tocumwal, in the latest Aust Geo about cast iron bridges along the Murray. Love it!!
Safe cycling now into NSW. It’s so funny to see how the borders are divided on the “findmespot”….the Murray is a divided treasure! Can’t wait to hear what awaits you in this next stretch of Australia.
Kisses from us and thinking of you every day. XXx”

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One thought on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 104 Rest Area 40km south of Narrangera

  1. reading your beautiful descriptive blog is having me there with you , however reading the email from your wonderful and equally articulate sister has me all choked up ….you beauties rock !!! safe travels …..ricky lynch

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