Theaussiechallenge Post # 106 Bush camp 15km south of Forbes

Day 130 11 days to go. Distance today 137km total 12208km. It’s 8.30pm Wednesday 14/11/2012 Bush camp 15km south of Forbes. We’ve found ourselves the best bushcamp just out of Forbes as the rest area in town is for self contained vehicles only so this works a treat. We’re joined this beautiful evening over sunset by a pack of ‘Happy Jacks.’ They’re a strange type of bird that hang out in groups of 12 so otherwise know as Apostle birds. There about the size of a magpie but deep grey with black circles round their eyes. They’re so busy and bossy and squark amongst themselves and at anyone they decide is disturbing their space. Not us thankfully, they seem pretty happy to share their bush with us which is kinda cool being able to sit and enjoy their shananaghans without being on the receiving end. Another stunning sunset of pink and orange streaks and nows my favorite time in the twilight with the deepening blue sky and stars trying to peep out for the night. Bush camps have become one of my favs, the sounds are exquisite and really amplified by the senses taking in the Aussie bush at its best. Kookaburras are singing their evening laugh to end what’s been a good day all round yay. I was chatting to Rubes after Shepparrton about our video collection and which ones we’re going to savor when home. Julia and Julia was right up there so today when we road passed a string of pearls Rube let out the biggest squeal for me to stop……”just like Julias!!!!!’ was the girls comment as we rode off again with her very fake but very smart string strung round her front light, nice!!!!! We had a few stops with roadworks and was talking to this young roadsign lad sho’s having a gap year after school saving up for some traveling before he decides what to study. He’s from Dubbo and was such an excitable little man he made me smile and his enthusiasm was contagious. he cracked me up saying that ‘everything in these parts have attitude’ animals, birds, people, and snakes especially the tigers which will ‘come after ya’ according to his story. I was telling hime that even the sprinklers system at Mirool had attitude as it came on this morning about 3am with such volume I think it equalled Mirool’s annual rainfall in one dowse. Unfortunately all over Buddy so we had to dry out this morning before packing up and getting into our day. The lad found this totally amusing and so do I now that there’s a few hours and kms since then to see the funny side. We stopped at West Wyalong for a break and it was a country hick town 101 with all the locals seemingly born and breed in their beloved town. I sat outside the IGA munching on a granny smith and loved the people watching. This middle aged lady came out of the shops in her indoor netball gear and I was admiring her Mummy skills with a couple of little ones in tow with the shopping trolly heading out to the car. She popped back with a donation while I was chatting on the phone so I didn’t get to talk to her as she smiled and hurried off. But thankyou West Wyalong lady for your $5. The day’s been so clear and fresh blue skies again but there’s a forecast change for some rain on the weekend. So we savored the fine day and awesome road conditions and the kms passed pretty easily with a few rests and pickies along the way. It’s still very wheat field country with the harvesters busy at work clearing the fields in a dust cloud that looks so cool against the yellow and blue sky. I’m really enjoying the ride but must admit am a bit tired tonight after having a pretty broken sleep with the sprinkler downpour debacle. No wonder the area I camped on was so grassy and comfy for buddy 🙂 A far cry tonight in a clearing amongst the grasses with the ground quite hard and covered in eucalyptus bark bits. When we stopped I had to find a possie for a serious toilet visit. Unfortunately it ended up being on a nest of descendants from the dinosaur ants and one bit my foot mid business. Oh my deary the ants too have attitude in these parts like seriously but given the situation he could have bitten me elsewhere that would have been a bit more tricky. Rube thought the whole episode was hysterical and is still chuckling cracking ‘dead ant’ jokes. Ive double checked the kms to home and we’re all good and can’t believe its nearly single figures in days left yayayayayayayayayayayayaya homeward bound big time big. Every day still safe and sound first but jees louise the thought of home and loved ones is pretty dam nice. Good note to finish up on. There’s sheep bleating somewhere nearby awesome background to the waking crickets!!! I love bush camping!! Cash donations $2581.20. Talk soon x

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