Theaussiechallenge Post # 107 Bush camp 2km south of Tomingley

Day 131 10 days to go. Distance today 127km total 12335km. It’s 6pm Thursday 15/11/2012 Bush camp 2km south of Tomingley 55km south of Dubbo. There’s sheep grazing 20m away by a dam, a crow calls and flies overhead, 2 Gallahs go join the sheep by the dam, tweet tweet birds are so busy behind me in the scrub, I’m sitting by a huge white ants nest inside a 6m dead tree stump, a duck skids onto the water and shares a quack about his day, high clouds creep over with a shadow and sweet breeze to cool the day, 2 top knot pigeons coo and gar over each other in the branches overhead, a yellow butterfly, bumble bee and an eco world of bugs cruise past on route to elsewhere, worker ants are on duty industriously doing their dusk hunt, a lady bug lands on my soda water bottle, the late sun peeps under the clouds stretching shadows over the field. These are some of the simple delights I enjoy when I stop at a bush camp and have time out while the spot message sends. Im sitting on buddy’s dry sack, and soaking it in of what’s become my favorite time of day celebrating safe and sound and one day closer to home. It’s an ironic feeling because I’ll soon miss these times along with multi layers of Theaussiechallenge. It’s this feeling that will kick start the next adventure plans when the time is right back home. Home yay. I just thought I’d share this time and glimpse into one little thing big in our day to day. Time to set up camp and my evening routine to settle in for the night. It’s been another awesome day but more about that soon…..
It’s 9pm and the evening has so quickly slipped away doing some other stuff. But back to the day!!! Today I felt like for the first time in ages, a traveller taking the time to smell the roses in the beautiful towns and countryside we’ve peddled and stopped along the way. We first came to Forbes, beautiful town full of heritage buildings and great pickies. I found this awesome coffee shop in an old building refurbished inside into a funky mezzanine style cafe full of artwork and corners to sit and enjoy what was a delish coffee break. All charged up we headed onwards to Parkes, a bigger town with more modern services but still with that same heritage feel. We found a woolies for a top up shop fix then onwards to Peak Hill. On the way out of Parkes we saw in the distance the famous dish which looked wonderful with the foreground of wheat fields and blue blue skies again. The countryside changed to rolling hills as we entered the Goobang National Park with it’s ranges and escarpment that ran parallel at a distance to the road and made the most beautiful backdrop to the continuing fields of wheat and pastures. Peak Hill was a smaller dot town but with beautiful old buildings and parklands manicured and loved and perfect for a break and water up, Along the roadside we found a plastic lay of yellow flowers which Rube squealed for me to pick up and wrap round her trailer. It looks awesome and the girl feels all girly with her new accessory. For now it’s a bit passed dinner o’clock and I have the starvs up big time so I’ll post this, pig out and pass out in the handsome buddy. A really cool day with hopefully more of the same and surprises along the way tomorrow. By the way I passed a sign today out of Parkes that said Brisbane 973km Yeeeehaaaaaa here we come !!!!!! I also heard back from Bruce and he’ll be home when Rube and I pass through Warwick yay so I get to see him again big yay. Talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 107 Bush camp 2km south of Tomingley

  1. hello Maree, just wishing you safe travels as I hear the weather is starting to get a bit stormy and crazy… is building up to it big time up here on the sunny coast hinterland.

  2. Hey Maree, you’re smokin’ it some aren’t ya Been checking in with your Spot tracker and see you’ve chosen the nice route home – wise choice.
    We hoped to catch up with you but we’ve only just got to Berri so we won’t bump into you again.

    Safe travels old girl; we really enjoyed chatting to you those couple of times out west and wish you every success and happiness.

    Morgan & Karen (Willare Bridge Roadhouse, some other roadhouse & Broome!) xx

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