Theaussiechallenge Post # 108 Bush camp 13km south of Gilgandra

Day 132 9 days to go. Distance today 110km total 12445km. It’s 9pm Friday 16/11/2012 Bush camp 13km south of Gilgandra. It’s a beautiful evening I can’t believe it, the stars and crescent moon are out over our fabulous grassy bush camp we found by a creek along a side road off the highway. Tonight epitomizes the highs and lows which have been our constant through theaussiechallenge. Last night we were wished goodnight by the biggest black hairy spider Ive ever seen. Thanks for the wishes mate but you can stay on the outside of buddy if you don’t mind. I took a picky of him at a distance of course and was reminded of the other side of wild camping along with all the creepy crawlies that come out to play at night. The forecast rain hit during the night a day earlier than forecast so I had to jump out of bed and set bud up for the downpour that continued into the most part of today. But we managed beautifully packing up this morning as best we could ensuring all essentials were kept dry yay us. We hit the road fully wet weathered up and chipped through the hilly 55kms to Dubbo. We must have looked a sad and sorry sight dripping into Dubbo Maccas for a well earnt McCafe. It was a haven to get out of the gear and into some warm dry ones to sit out the next couple of rainy hours pottering on email and recharching the IT. I read a CC email from Mum who had contacted white ribbon checking up on some logistics for the 25th. What a darling woman and shed a tear over just how amazing they have been providing home support around fundraising and the welcome home. I sent her a reply saying as much and she soon called for a chat which was awesome awesome xxxxxxx One of the many moral boosters for the day yay. The community centre in sandgate called Sandbag has been soo supportive profiling ourChallenge on their Facebook page and have raised $300 amazing thankyou!!!!! The receptionist at the local dentist was so excited by our challenge when speaking to Mum she donated $50 fabulous darling wan thankyou too. The crescent moons resting on his back and smiling at us and so lovely to glance at while I type. Mum reminded me how much we’re helping with raising awareness for white ribbon and it was good for me to acknowledge this stuff alongside the fundraising. I told her about arriving in Forbes yesterday, about talking to an ol’ gent and his pooch in the parklands about white ribbon. There were also a handful of lads up scaffolding busy repainting the town hall. I called out to them ‘you mist have the best views in town.’ They too wanted to know what white ribbon was about and wished us well and safe cycling for our last days to Brissie. A handful of customers and staff at the cafe were also intrigued about the ‘why’ factor to our challenge and now know more about the intent of white ribbon. The lady who made the best coffee at Maccas today knew about white ribbon day and was so supportive for our efforts. She gave me a frequent coffee card with 2 free coffees punched out to ‘enjoy a couple of cuppas when we get the chance on the way home.’ How lovely and I’ll be sure to cash in on those freebies yayayayaya. I watered up before leaving and took a deep breath getting back into the wet gear eeeeeeek and we set off for the next 55kms just short of Gilgandra. We’re well on track doing our 100+ kms per day to get us to Brissie via Warwick to see Bruce and home by the 25th. The distances are totally manageable with whatever Mother Nature wants to throw out there for the next 9 days. We’re into single figures now and it’s a countdown big time. I’m so proud of ourselves staying focused and doing everything we can to stay safe and sound each day despite feeling pretty mentally and emotionally weary by this stage. We passed our first live and very big brown snake today by the roadside. We must have given him a frighties as he was coiled and head up as we peddled past. I love critters and Australia has some pretty awesome ones but this one can be enjoyed at a passing distance I be thinking. It cleared about 10kms out this arv so we savored being out of the heavy wet gear and to be able to turn the legs over a bit better. A good dose of happy hormones to finish the day out. All the birdlife came to life and the gallahs and cockatoos especially were going off showing off their vocals as we peddled past. The air was crisp and clean and the aromas of the fields and pine trees after the rain were the best bush scents. We arrived with a couple hours of clear skies to set buddy up and hang the gear out to de drip and dry out as best it could so the days finished up comparably well compared to the start. Highs and lows I love it!!!!!! Good note to finish up on. A minutes silence for my socks that have been binned tonight due to their unrecoverable wet stench. They were getting holes in their holes so it was time and they’ve done us such a service since being purchased in Ulanbaatar. Time for dinner and beddy byes in bud.Single figure days left yayayayayaya. Talk soon x

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One thought on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 108 Bush camp 13km south of Gilgandra

  1. Hello Maree , i see from your post that you have skipped warrnambool . Has taken me a while to catch on. I sort of figured you wouldn’t make it back by the allotted date going via Victoria . A bit sorry about that was waiting to see you again . Any way another trip for you some day. Good luck with the rest of your ride. There is a white ribbon event happening here as well. Take care God bless, Judith from warrnambool.

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