Theaussiechallenge Post # 109 Coonabarabran

Day 133 8 days to go. Distance today 110km total 12555km. It’s 8pm Saturday 17/11/2012 Coonabarabran. An awesome end to a hard but amazing day’s ride entering the Warambungles National Park from Gilgandra to Coonabarabran. Apparently this area features in the works of Banjo Patterson according to ‘Shane’ who has let me camp on his property how awesome!!! I was aiming for a rest area on the other side of town but was quite shattered crossing the ranges and working hard for the money honey for the 100km mountainous stretch between towns. It’s taken us all afternoon but it was such an equisite ride through the hillscape with the Warambungles ever present towering deep blues to the west. Their such a handsome range and must be great for exploring. Shane’s been telling it’s a mecca area for motor cross and mountain biking which him and his family endulge when they can. He loves his trailbikes and is currnetly in the back shed working on a few side projects doing the repairs for decent pocket money. He’s a paramatic by trade but suffers PTSD nowadays. Him and his partner are moving soon to Taree and will miss this area which he clearly loves. He was telling me it has an underground basin the size of Sydney harbour and the water quality is the best around. I spotted his property coming into town and it was an impulse to check in to see if we could pitch our tent on his grounds. So glad we did. He couldn’t be more supportive and obliging and I was so happy to stop. So we’ve set up bud and looking forward to a huge sleep after a huge delish day. We’ve shared cool chats over a coffee and muscle car stories which he’s a total fan . I was telling him about the Ford XT club I saw travelling the Nullabor and that started him on his love for American muscle cars. I love listening to anyone talk pationately about their passion and Shane’s no exception. He loves working on mechanics all self taught out of manuals. He says it’s the best therapy for him and he can always walk away when he’s had enough unlike patients. I totally admire people who can work on engines and I reckon in the next life I’ll be more into the mechanical side of life and endulge in a muscle car or two of my own yay. We woke this morning at 9am to blue skies and a totally fantastic sleep in. With the sun shining, it gave me a chance to dry the rest of the gearfrom the wet day prior. So it was a later start but all the gears been aired to ontinue our travels stinky free. Today was a real surprise as I hadn’t noticed the approaching Warambungles National Park on the map so what a treat and treasure in these parts. Tomorrow’s onto Narrabri and we’ve got an increasing excitement building knowing the days are counting down so close to home. I love that the trips still very much to be enjoyed with fabulous countryside and folk being savored. We have one big beautiful country. Time for dinner and pass out o’clock. Talk soon x

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