Theaussiechallenge Post # 110 20km north of Narrabri

Day 134 7 days to go. Distance today 135km total 12690km. It’s 8.30pm Sunday 19/11/2012 20km north of Narrabri. Oh my deary what an amazing day and we’ve landed on our feet again as far as camp spots. Rube and I came into Narrabri around 5pm this arv hit woolies to pick up a couple of things then cashed in on one of our freebie coffees at Maccas yummmmm. Then we watered up and decided to enjoy a few more kms as it was a stunning afternoon with still a good hour of light left before finding a bush camp. The sun was setting and we rode across a wheat farm where the family have graciously let us pitch buddy on their grassed lawn. Now I’m sitting loving up the end of the day’s light with the crescent moon and stars smiling down on us on a clear stunning evening. I set up camp over sunset and the farmer came for a visit to check we’re ok. They have just harvested their fields in the next door paddock and he was telling me it took 4 days to do with 20 odd trips to the local silo about 10km away over the days. He’s got a backpacker from South Africa here helping out for his keep and we chatted about his travels over the last four years mostly through Europe. He’s been in Australia now for a couple of months and will move on in the next days to continue his working holiday. It was very special for me to share some of my stories from the route we’ve been and to hear my clear love for the country and it’s folk. How special for me being the first time Ive heard myself talk so endearing of our country’s treasures so fresh and raw and real yay!!!! They’ve invited me to join them for breaky which is lovely!!! It was a later start this morning chatting with Shane for a couple of hours before setting off on our days ride. We shared a couple of plunger coffees and he made me a fresh juice of apples, carrots, oranges and grapes which was so delish and a kick start for our peddle. The ride was fabulous through the Pillinga Nature Reserve where Shane does most of his trail bike riding. He was telling me there are such treasures in the reserve best explored by trail bike. His favorite spot is a hidden elevated area where there is a bolder the size of a 20 000 litre water tank with a fresh spring flowing from the top. It is a sacred spot of the local Indigenous whom he has much contact with and speaks of highly. We exchanged details and he’s going to be in contact which I so hope as he’s a special soul and I’ve loved meeting him and our time spent. He’s written on the notice board on his fridge to make a coffee at 10am next Sunday to toast our finish and share in the moment. What a darling man!!!! The ride was undulating but with an excellent road and shoulder to manage the passing tonkers who have all been very respectful giving us wide berths or toot toots to move over as needed. I have an affinity with these lads and ladies and genuinely feel that mutual respect sharing the highway with them. It’s one of the zillion elements of theaussiechallenge I’ll miss and isn’t that wonderful to have so much heart felt connection to our day to day travels. We continue to feel the essence of each day safe and sound and savor the steak knives to share with you each night. Today’s one more on the list of awesomes. I was thinking before that this time next week we’ll be home with the dust and distances of our Australian route behind us. It’s an amazing and odd thought as I’m so into this trip, into our country, the people we continue to meet and into the thought of home just a wee bit more north. A couple more days and we’ll be crossing into Qld crazy thought and a beautiful way to end tonights post. Fabulous day and I’m feeling so content and contemplative tonight with the curtain drawing closer. I’m really taking stock of our stock take over the last months doing lots of reflection and it’s a wonderful space that I’m savoring. The crescent moon says ‘hi’ along with the abundance of crickets rubbing their legs on this balmy Sunday night. Talk soon x PS Last night I got to watch the electrical storm that passed over the northern horizon. It was a fabulous display of deep purple flashes and crackling lightning and such a beautiful wild show to appreciate especially at a distance. I also spotted 2 falling stars just for you Evan x

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3 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 110 20km north of Narrabri

  1. Well…..another moving account of your travels Maree !!! you never fail to deliver the most wonderful ,heartfelt descriptions of your travels ,surrounds and the fine people you meetJust Love yu !!

  2. Yet again Maree another wonderfully descriptive update of your travels yesterday. Your words are powerful and release such emotion when I read your words. Thinking of you everyday.Kerry

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