Theaussiechallenge Post # 114 Woodhill

Day 139 2 days to go. Distance today 73km total 13248km. It’s 4.30pm Friday 23/12/2012 Woodhill. I haven’t been out this way for such a long time and had forgotten or probably never really appreciated what a pretty part of the world the Fassifern Valley is. The stretch between the Boonah turnoff and Beaudesert is particularly beautiful rolling valley hills intermittent with lakes with a backdrop of mountains from the Peaks, Mt Barney, Border Ranges, Lamington and Mt Tamborine National Parks to name a few. I passed Mt French and Frog Buttress after the turnoff to Lake Moogerah which are well renowned natural rock climbing spots and they both looked so handsome and brought back great memories climbing there with my partner some years back. It was overcast today and made for cooler cycling through the hills and enhanced the lighting variations for some great pickies along the way. We stopped off in Boonah to check out the info centre if they had any ideas for camping tonight and to check out the town. The lady at the info centre was really helpful but a bit short of options for us so we had to play it by ear for the afternoon. I did meet a very cool lad riding his bright yellow sports bike and matching leathers. He had also stopped at the info centre for some riding route tips. He called his bike ‘his girl’ and we both shared a laugh at how similar our relationships were with our Bikes. He met Rube and thought her pretty spesh which of course she is and congratulated us on our adventure and cause. Boonah township was full of locals all out on a Friday doing their weekend shop and catch up chats. Most folk were surprised but friendly when they saw us. Further along the Boonah Beaudesert Rd we stopped at en elevated point overlooking a lake and hillscape and savored a cuppa and break. About halfway between Beaudesert and Jimboomba we peddled through Woodhill where there’s just a handful of homes, a hall and a park area with a water tank. Mmmmmm looked like a good spot for a camp to check out further. I was mindful that although still quite rural, we’re now in Logan city and its a pretty busy thoroughfare for city commuters. I wasn’t too sure how safe it was to camp near the hall and park so popped into one of the residents to ask more. His name is Dave who ironically works for a support service for ‘Dads in Distress.’ The service is linked to the Family Relationships Centre in Logan and Dave has a strong commitment to preventing domestic violence and providing family support particularly to single dads. He’s a single dad himself raising a 15 year old daughter who’s having a handful of friends over tonight for a sleep over. He’s very excited cooking up roast chook for the girls and taking them camping to the Glasshouse Mountains for the weekend. He called the coordinator of the FRC to let them know about us and I spoke to Di from the centre. They are all dressed in Black and White today to support White Ribbon Day this weekend. She as so excited to find out about our fundraising challenge and wished us well for Sunday. We have exchanged details so I hope to hear from Di, Dave and the FRC folk down the track. After pitching Buddy I got a visit from one of the local school bus drivers who have their depot in the attached property. I met ‘Ruddy’ who was quite mind blown how far we’ve come. We shared some interesting chats about Religion and some of his experiences in Russia in 2005 when he taught English over there. Fascinating stuff. Ruddy donated $10 before heading and again wished us well for Sunday. This is officially our last camp out as I’ll be staying with friends tomorrow night who live in Newstead, Brisbane. I’m feeling a little shellshocked mixed with a whole bunch of other emotions at the thought of Theassiechallenge coming to an end. What an incredible incredible experience its been with so many steak knife stories that we’ve shared along the way. Im officially in love with our country and its enticing characters of folk, flaura and fauna. Foremost we’ve managed to keep ourselves safe and sound each day with 2 more left crazy nutty stuff hey? Equally as crazy is how excited I am to be seeing family and friends in Sandgate come Sunday morning. For those of you who don’t know, we have a White Ribbon event planned on the foreshores of Sandgate where my folk live and where Rube and I left from on the 9/7/2012 a zillion years ago. if you can make it, please come down to support us ride in at 10am, Sunday 25/11/2012 Flinders Parade opposite Doug’s Cafe near the pool and Baptist Church end. We are being wonderfully supported by the local member, paper and business community. Of course my family will be there including my big sister and her boys from Germany. This is so nutty exciting it’s hard to contain so I’m not going to YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!! My parents have done so much stuff to bring this together to welcome us home and acknowledge white ribbon day xx. The ambassador for Theaussiechallenge Dave Alley will also be there. I have only spoken to dave on the phone so I’m really excited to finally meet him. Dave broke the world record back in Oct2011 cycling round Aus in 37 days and raising $20 000 for the flying doctors. I have thought about his mind blowing achievement soo many times along our travels and have used his pure courage and determination as my inspiration when we were flatlining. Scotty is going to meet Rube and I and cycle in with us to share the excitement with one of my BFs which is sooo special can’t wait to see ya mate bigtime yay. I got an email before from Katie and she boards soon. She’s so excited it was a LOL email sharing her squeal factor and countdown to touchdown in Brissie Saturday night. I’ll be seeing you soon sfessie Brisbane hear we both come!!!!!! Cash donations $2621.20 Talk soon x

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