Theaussiechallenge Post # 115 Newstead Brisbane

Day 140 1 day to go. Distance today 50km total 13298km. It’s 2.15pm Saturday 24/11/2012 Newstead, Brisbane. I was wondering if anyone knew what the weather was like in Brissy…….hold on I’ll step outside and check myself!!!!!!!!!! C u tomorrow. Talk soon x

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6 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 115 Newstead Brisbane

  1. Hello Marie, the weather in Briz is you know, I am really sorry I won’t be able to meet you tomorrow. Congradulations on your amazing challenge and effort… to see you in Maleny.

    Savour the day tomorrow….

  2. you’ve done “The Loop”!!

    Congratulations Ree, Ruby & Co on your success and determination. You’ve looked after each other and shared your amazing stories about our country and people each evening with us “fine folk”. We’ve loved it!!! Great effort collecting and promoting The White Ribbon Foundation and cause. Enjoy cycling into Sandgate on Sunday and the celebrations with all those lucky supporters there to welcome you home. Have fun! XXx

  3. Congratulations Maree.Julie Wall hereWe met up at a few places during your trip, at a bush camp across the top,we were at Broome at the same time but at different parks, then i spoke to you at Capricorn caravan park at Carnarvon and again by chance we met up and spoke on the street at Walpole (very cold wet day)We actually arrived home in Tassie last Sunday but i have been thinking about you and spreading the word about your challenge andWhite Ribbon.Unfortunately there have been a couple of incidents lately that have made a lot of publicity re violence against women and it is great to see the way the public do react to it by having memorial marches to raise awareness.Once again congrats on your great achievement and I am so pleased toknow you arrived home safe and sound and tomorrow you will meet up with family and friends and get a lot of TLC. You deserve it. xxx Julie and Roger.

  4. Welcome home Maree and Ruby. We look forward to catching up with you soon and introducing you to our newest member of the family who is the cutest little rescue pup ever. x

  5. Congratulations Maree, Stop Grinning and laughing I can here you in Melbourne. C u when we get home Tish & Gary

  6. Congratulations Maree!
    I have loved reading about your wonderful journey and love the way you write! You need to turn this into a book please! 🙂
    Hope you are enjoying being back home in Sandgate again.

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