1080 days of k’s

I am mid-way down a mountain of ‘to-dos’,  looking up I see the road ahead.  Lots of mixed emotions and bi-polar moments:  90% excited 10% scared then 90% scared 10% terrified.  All the while feeling very happy, content and on track.  It’s a feeling I don’t fully understand but am trusting nonetheless.  Here’s some realityContinue reading “1080 days of k’s”

The first cycle leg – Indochina

Asia – Indochina (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam) is the first cycle leg from 1/12/11 to 27/2/12.  The Asian and other routes and itinerary can be accessed in the side menu link.  Updates will posted on the main page and accessed via the menu once archived. Deciding on the route has been a journey in itselfContinue reading “The first cycle leg – Indochina”