1080 days of k’s

I am mid-way down a mountain of ‘to-dos’,  looking up I see the road ahead.  Lots of mixed emotions and bi-polar moments:  90% excited 10% scared then 90% scared 10% terrified.  All the while feeling very happy, content and on track.  It’s a feeling I don’t fully understand but am trusting nonetheless.  Here’s some reality check trivia.

  • I will cycle over 74053 kilometres, through 54 countries, averaging 69k@day for 1080 days.
  • I have 1080 days of new experience to capture and share with you.
  • I am one of 6.97 billion people on this planet and will be 1080 days less ignorant about it.
  • Making each day count 1080 times will build motor memory.
  • I am very loved and fortunate.
  • I have 8 days of work left.
  • I have little idea about bike mechanics!!

On that note, I plan to crash course my way through the Barnett’s Manual when it arrives.  It comes with a CD-ROM version for the Ipod.  Perfect for those ‘stuck-on the side-of -the-road-with-no-idea’ moments.

Today is sorting gear for packing!!!!!!

Isn’t technology amazing

I am so lucky to have a partner who re-defines cleverness and has advised me on IT equipment options.  With a GPS tracker, sat phone, Ipod touch and foldable keyboard, I can share my day-to-day via internet and satellite.  The technology is amazing once I know how to use it.  Look for the page (not yet!) that bread crumbs each day using the tracker and google maps.  It’s still coming but before Christmas I promise.  The internet is truly a new wonder of the world.

The first cycle leg – Indochina

Asia – Indochina (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam) is the first cycle leg from 1/12/11 to 27/2/12.  The Asian and other routes and itinerary can be accessed in the side menu link.  Updates will posted on the main page and accessed via the menu once archived.

Deciding on the route has been a journey in itself balancing itinerary with seasons, safety and security.  The route provides flexibility and structure to plan ahead as needed.  Logistics have proven an interesting challenge with border crossing, visas, travel health, supplies, equipment, communications and access to information.  I am so excited and drawn to this challenge.  Mostly I am excited sharing the adventure through shecyclesolo.com.

Posts will capture the raw story with audio, video or photo galleries so I hope to keep you interested and commenting for the next 1080 days.  You can also email me via the contacts link in the side menu.