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Day 192 537 days to go. Distance: today: 0 km total 8862 km. It’s 9.30am Monday 11/6/2012 Home.

Helllloooooo!!!!!! It has been waayyy tooo looong between posts and for that I apologise but back on line now with stories πŸ™‚ I’m sitting on the couch with my pooch and dotted with leech holes and Benadine eeeeeeek. It’s been so lovely the last five days playing on our property. Ive been clearing our treeline of exotics that grow alongside the natives like wild ginger, bracken and elephant ears. I know Australia is multicultural but not when it comes to our rainforest. It’s very drizzly and the birds have been going off keeping me company. My favorite are a family of tiny fantails that go nuts in the areas I’ve cleared. You may know the species. The males have a red waist coat and the females are mostly grey. They are no bigger than a cotton wool ball with legs and wings and a fantail and sooooooo cute. I must be disturbing lots of bugs and other tasty delights. They are bold and busy and very cool. The folks and family are currently away so its gives me a chance to do some pampering around the home. We’ve been enjoying lots of family time just hanging out doing the little big things and stretching out decadent birthday celebrations for poppy πŸ™‚

I got to spend a few days with my partner which was a beautiful bonus. We discovered the joys of reading a book together namely the ‘Alchemist.’ Have you read it? Oh my goodness it’s amazing and is my new bible ranked up there with the prized Harry P collection. It’s an old Spanish fable written by Paulo Coelho. If you haven’t read it do so. I love it so much and am playing with ideas on how to bring it into my travel writing. This time has also given me a chance now to plan my next cycle travels.

I had been considering options when my parents told me about a local police officer, Dave Alley who cycled around Australia in a new world record time of 37 days. Dave rode into Redcliffe on the 22/10/2011 taking over 3 days off the previous record and raising $20,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. He averaged a mind blowing 377kms per day to complete the 14 251km distance.

I am so inspired by what Dave has achieved and his circumstances and motivations, captured beautifully in the courier mail article as reported by Danielle Sunde-Brown.

“The father-of-three said reaching the finishing line was the best day of his life.’The feeling of satisfaction was immeasurable really,’ he said. ‘It wasn’t just about me and the bike, it was about raising money for charity. ‘We wanted to raise money for a charity we felt affiliated with, but also one that reached all Australians.’ Sen-Constable Alley said his biggest motivation was the premature birth of his now five-year-old twins.’They were in intensive care for three months,’ he said. ‘Seeing them pull through was a real life-changing experience. Every time I went through tough periods, which was every day on the bike, I’d think back to them and their fight for life.’ ” (

I congratulate Dave and his team on a remarkable achievement and benchmark to motivate other folk to set goals, give it your best and above all, be a part of a bigger picture to help others. Dave’s strength and character is recognized by the Courier Mail through nomination for the Community Spirit Medal in News Limited’s 2012 Pride of Australia Awards. Check out their blog. For the nerds into numbers, the race statistics are amazing

I have decided to retrace the 14 251 kms Dave cycled in recognition of his contribution to the broader community spirit and raise the distance in dollars for the ‘White Ribbon Foundation.’

It’ll take me somewhat longer πŸ™‚ but I plan to be back in Brisbane when my big sister and her family visit for a month in December yayayyayaya. Her 16 year old gets here on the 2/7 to experience an Aussie gap year, so I’ll head after that. It’ll be cool to welcome Ryan and share the excitement of his arrival and start of his adventure. Not long now mate!!!!! How many sleeps?

Now about White Ribbon……

White Ribbon is an organization working to change the attitudes and behaviours that lead to men’s violence against women.

The most common form of male violence is that towards women. In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, with a white ribbon as its symbol. The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest global male-led movement to stop violence against women.

White Ribbon began in Australia in 2003 and formally became a Foundation in 2007. It relies on the support and generosity of individuals, corporate and community partners, government and the community at large to fund its campaign.

White Ribbon, as part of the White Ribbon Campaign, invites men to make a difference by swearing an oath never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. The White Ribbon oath is an active commitment which promotes positive attitudes and behaviours towards women and drives signatories to, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.

White Ribbon in Australia is led by thousands of male Ambassadors who, through living the White Ribbon oath, act as positive role models in their communities.

The campaign culminates on the 25 November when we are encouraged to wear a white ribbon as a symbol of this oath.

Ambassadors include fathers, sons, mates, colleagues, neighbors, educators, sporting heroes, celebreties, coaches, managers, community leaders, military, police and every day working class men, who live the Oath.

What unites all White Ribbon Ambassadors is their commitment to preventing violence against women and ensuring a safer world for future generations. Know more about the White Ribbon Foundation at

Dave Alley is an Ambassador and has agreed to support my fundraising challenge for White Ribbon. I was able to make contact with Dave through his manager and am honored he has accepted. Dave is an inspiration not only through his human spirit but as a man and father to his family. He is a true White Ribbon Ambassador. It is my hope to represent the cause as well as he represents all men committed to preventing violence against women.

Donation details will be linked to in the next weeks. Get those minds ticking how to pull together your social/work/family circles and muster some cash up for an awesome cause.

It’s pretty cool to be part of a network trying to help others and ensure a safer world for us chicks yay!!!!

Rube wants me to get her a spiffy white ribbon to wear. Of course she has a crush on Dave and is very excited πŸ™‚ We both are πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It’s nice to be back. Talk soon x

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3 thoughts on “Post # 144 Home

  1. I’m sitting here smiling for you and Ruby and your plans to cycle australia. And with Dave Alley as Ambassador for your fundraising cause for The White Ribbon Foundation it’s all the more motivation for the miles ahead. Alot of k’s in 6 months! So which direction are you heading north or south? With left hand drive you know it’s shorter travelling north!!! XXx

    1. Well then north it is!!!! Pluse it’ll be better to be well past the north halff before the wet/summer season raises its Aussie head.. Meeting my partner in perth to walk the cape to cape at end of sept so that’s the rough timeframe for the first half!!!!!!

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