Post #5 Chaing Rai day2

Day 8 Days to go 1072 It’s 6.40pm sitting in the night bazaar listening to a three piece Thai folk band if there’s such a thing. It’s really beautiful soaking up the music and aromas so what a great place to end an awesome day ipod’ing what’s happened. The day started perfect skyping my partner at early o’clockContinue reading “Post #5 Chaing Rai day2”

Post # 1 – Chaing Mai Thailand

Day 5 Days to Go 1075 – Hi there.  It’s Monday morning 5/12/2011 here time and I’ve found an internet café for the inaugural virgin post for shecyclesolo. I can’t believe it’s only 48hours after touchdown Chaing Mai.  Leaving was emotionally harder than I imagined and the flight and transit seems a blur now.  TheContinue reading “Post # 1 – Chaing Mai Thailand”

‘She’s looking good Vern’

Far Side fans will appreciate this?  This is one of my favourites.  Picture 2 bulls and a blow up cow and you get the gist of my excitement loading up the cycle-trailer  yesterday.  I needed to check if the gear would pack into the space and generally she’s looking good.  On that note instead ofContinue reading “‘She’s looking good Vern’”

Confessions of a Vagabond

Forgive me it has been 2 weeks since my last post…… Can you believe it? The last 2 weeks is up there for significance. Each morning a smiling soon-to-be nomadic vagabond greets me in the mirror.  Apparently the change fits well if the smile is any indication.  I have loved sharing bon voyage time with familyContinue reading “Confessions of a Vagabond”